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Mr. Creasy says:

Its like a movie trailer

Ola Bajulaiye says:

I can said this with pride…. FIRST!!!!!!

gbdeck200 says:

freaking feels
saw him off with a smile, saves his son first, they’re your bros now, the kinship feels
grand adventure to fix things, become the king u were meant to be noctis!

so good, good trailer

dolton kenway says:

meh…looks average and the graphics look like ps2

Leong Mun says:

Persona is better this garbage will fail

Greenmachine305 says:

100 bucks says the story feels hollow.

Meloncalle says:

The wait was not in vain!

Adi Wijaya says:


theSilentCartographer says:

Noctis is a totally different character than he was meant to be in “Final Fantasy 13 Versus”. Even the creators admit the character isn’t the same person, 8 years ago Noctis was more level-headed.

Neville Robertson says:

Is this is about Koreans first all ghey boy band looking for their first gig?

Kon the Ally of All Loli says:

I don’t hate Noctis, but Nyx left quite an impression after the movie I kinda want him as the main protagonist now. At least, having Luna mentions about him just a little is fine. I want a while line of quest dedicate to the Hero!

Sakray says:

pls tell me you can select japanese audio for this game…. The voices here are so much more emotional and intense

Yuiiski Yuii says:

Looking forward to this game, but I can see it running like crap on Xbox One, I still have nightmares of the demo that released alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, that demo ran at like 15 fps.

But that was over a year ago, so hopefully the game will ran at a steady 30fps, no way it will run any higher, I expect Xbox One will be 900p, 30fps.

aharte17 says:

Well this certainly gave off much more of a Versus XIII feel than most other Tabata trailers. Perhaps they’re just not revealing those parts of the game just yet as they’re spoiler heavy?
Call me excited once more.

Kuro Mesa says:

I can’t wait.

Myuni says:


Do you like chocobos? We’ve got ’em.

How about fancy cars? We’ve got those too.

Don’t like cars? We’ve got boats!

Not a fan of boats? Then ride a train!

If none of that has convinced you yet, then HERE’S A FLYING CAR!

Erick Torres says:

Hype over the clouds……


Ger Delgado says:

where’s my CLOUD! >:V

Jaylen Mcpherson says:

yay im early

Jameel Far says:

hey guys plzz help me will this game be an offline game

Tailored Gentleman says:

I’m still waiting for this game man so anticipated towards it

raihan mahi says:

Isnt this mena carry on from the movie

Phillip Bailey says:

I’ll wait for the PC version.

Barbara Harrison says:

This… may be GOTY… just might be!!!! 🙂

Fat Wakka Man says:

Final Theft Auto 15

John McFarland says:

not gonna lie this looked fucking awsome to me.
not positive how well received the game will be but I for one am looking forward to it

Red Razor J says:

ohhh so close!!!

Silver Ingot says:

my nigga nyx gonna be making a appearance? or at least a camoe?

Hacker Man says:

hot Lunafreya! wanna do her anal penetration

Azazel Mlllz says:

got dam this game looks good graphically


The graphics are out of this WORLD!!!! Simply Amazing!!!!

Luis Rodriguez says:

si doblaran el juego a latino me encantaría la voz del personaje principal, la misma de light yagami en death note

Moon Door says:

Final Fantasy XV will be an awesome game, finally a good FF and not some trashy FF XIII.

Mau Vasconcellos says:

The movie was good. Now lets see how the game will continue from there.

Mershed Poderders says:

There goes the plot
Please don’t tell me that is the plot for the game!

Jm Merle says:

did i see shiva there or shivas?

Luna Radeon says:

Saskue PogChamp

ahay lawak says:

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