Final Fantasy 15 Stealth Gameplay Demo

Check out some new gameplay from Final Fantasy XV which channels some Metal Gear Solid. (Captured during the Active Report at

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Kanata Harukaze says:

I heard Bishamon in the end.

Asaru Chaos says:

idiots are complaining about a game that doesnt have an official release date yet. fucking shit. go stick with your old ff games then and i hope that you will play them without even expanding your horizons

Luis Vargas says:


hahah nah just kidding

Shahir Hameed says:

So much improvement, and I’m digging the stealth gameplay

Talon says:


leonartha03 says:

i’m here to see Aranea Highwind

MonkeyofChaos x says:

Metal Gear Fantasy LOL xD

With the Power of Love,Friendship, and Potato says:

Stealth gameplay ends at 1:35


this is painful to watch .Stop .

Shiroki says:

I’m so hyped for FFXV!! But this comment section… Puts my hype down. What the heck ppl? Why so negative?

Melo CK says:

So when does this come out?

Pillar Productions says:

I like how this show’s that you can be stealthy, and come in like the reaper, or you can go loud and proud. Both playstyles look like they would be a fun approach. Both have a level of strategy. I since some replay ability coming back to this franchise. 😀

Wilson Diabetes says:

I can’t wait until Final Fantasy 13 finally releases in February!! 🙂

steve liu says:

shut up and take my money

Harambe says:

Final Metal Shadow Gear mordor fantasy Phantom XV?

Daniel Cason says:

If anyone remembers, stealth was shown I’m one of the earlier trailers when he was in a subway station hiding from a behemoth…

Raivoc Shuitzh says:

Metal gear! It cant be! SNAKEEEEE!!!!!

yungneil97 says:

AH! You f**ked up

STGxDante says:

the combo set ups & how the sword does dmg to everything that is in it’s range 😀

H Bizzle says:


Ludens says:

I hope this game can beat metal gear solid 4 with the longest cut scene ever.

Ander S says:

This game look like garbage. Luckily we can still play the old games.

Renato Couto says:

The only game besides uncharted 4 that truly feels like “next gen”

Fenessey says:

Noctis is like: “Floor? What even is that?”

Hashirama Senju says:

is this an anime game ? (and please dont be rude to me)

Raheem Plummer says:

A lot of these battles aren’t stealth.

Bahamut Zero says:

This turn to Final Fantasy is more for the devs AND wider fanbase. If anyone thinks realtime is button mashing senselessly and is a bad turn for Final Fantasy…. Pick up a Zelda game or Kingdom Hearts (one) and shush. There’s more than senselessly mashing. There is strategy. Enemies are only affected by certain magics or attacks and are armored heavily with different levels and stats and status effects too. Try FF15. Youll be surprised. PROMISE.

Alex Re says:

not a fan of ff but this looks so good. might give it a try when it comes out.

The Real Fool says:

2:24 – 2:30 “Stealth” Gameplay.

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