Final Fantasy 15 New Gameplay Trailer Final Fantasy XV TGS 2016 Gameplay

Here’s the latest FINAL FANTASY XV trailer released from Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Final Fantasy 15 is available November 29th for PS4 and Xbox One!

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Final Fantasy XV[b] is an upcoming action role-playing video game being developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and scheduled for a worldwide release on November 29, 2016. It is the fifteenth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, and shares a thematic connection with Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy, a subseries of games linked by a common mythos which includes Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a major departure from previous games, providing a darker atmosphere that focuses on more realistic environments and human characters than previous entries.

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BulletGen says:

Finor Funtusay !

Viet Vu says:


ZenZen says:

gay fantasy xv

JeoXus says:

Still doesn’t do anything for me….

Baticha Alya says:

is it possible for the game to be released with japanese dub and english sub instead of eng dub?

Onome Omobien says:

wtf is with Asian companies white washing their own games and culture by using character models that are Caucasian, not Asian. literally nobody here really looks Asian and the king and Oracle are literally white, the former with blue eyes? are you kidding me?

Adam Clark says:

This game has a very good chance of being GOTY!

Oliver Baltz Nielsen says:

Loved the gameplay

Gian Karlo Asuncion says:

The Feels when the FF Theme plays…

This is gonna be awesome…

The Sprawl says:

Not been as excited for a new FF since FFVIII. It’s been a long time but they finally seem to be back on track: it seems involving, dramatic, not too linear and modernised in a good way.

Considering past disappointments this could sound pretty stupid in two and a half months but…maybe they’ve finally dealt with how to live up to VII’s long shadow. I particularly love the idea of the roadtrip as a way of guiding the narrative.

I’ve every finger crossed for this one.

Nanashi Kukyo says:


Kluivert Bonello says:

is this open world

Golden Trout says:


Light Yagami says:

Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

dave hoover says:

they brought the classic back with this one man its got a 7 and 8 feel to it and that is awesome!

crimson2knight says:

Kingsglaive got me all hyped up now. I know what happened during Noctis absence!

Kilgore Trout says:

I’m not entirely sure why, but this trailer (that has no gameplay in it; nice work with the clickbaiting) has kind of sold me on purchasing the game. The visuals look incredible and the story seems promising, but I just desperately hope that this doesn’t turn out to be a pile of shit.

Bobby Z says:

Truly unique story and character design. Gg square

bwsofly says:

This is going to be the first game to live past it’s hype! To supremely surpass it!! I just know it!

Gray says:

3:53 That’s Shiva, right? *.*

grandtorro says:

One direction got their own RPG, gayest thing ever done. I can’t belive the shit they throw up to make this script, 4 guys been gay playing with ” swords ” while they act like a shitty gang members

Poet5284 says:

Who is this chick?

Alex Serrano says:

Did I see Shiva ??

Nicolai Trevino says:

I’m new to the FF series. Is this a new tale to pick up, or does this game continue the story of a previous entry?!

Dante Mark Esposito says:


GamingOver Galaxy says:

man I’m so close to 50 subscribers please halp

MercilessV says:

Now it all comes together.

Kiz zie says:

Not going to lie… I played 0:42 far too many times.

slpd7a slpd7a says:

Noticed how much more intensively the FF15 footage works (and thats just a video) with your emotions when a track from Nobuo Uematsu is involved? Now imagine how grand this game would be if He is the FF15 composer. Such a shame he is not…

Nevertheless is going to be fantastic 😉

Jeo Gomez says:

im only here for chocobo riding :3

Xemmas Alex says:

anyone can tell me 2.36 began what a song name pls

Xavier Rosa says:

such intense voice acting, might have to play this game with the Japanese audio

FRANK X says:

stupid main character

KillerkeksLoL says:

I just want to listen the Chocobo soundtrack from FF XV D:

TheDefectiveTurret says:

That classical prologue music…

Aldy Bandojo says:

watching this over and over again makes me so hyped!!!

Sinbreaker says:

1:23 How much you want to bet that guy name is “Cid”

ApocaIypse666 says:

So ramus has become a swordsman after he got burned from the Lucii

Vaan Tyrael says:

Awesome i can’t waiting to play this game

hrstar24 says:

Why doesn’t Sasuke have the Sharingan anymore I don’t understand

Zeke Ruff says:

3:09 funniest shit ever lmao

GameBroy says:

“gameplay” SMH

omar castillo says:

waaiting for this with all my heart

Vasuki Dragon says:

ffxii theme… is this game in the same universe?

Nickisorochi says:

if by any chance this game disappoints like xiii, then i am taking my fantasies right out of this series finally.

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