FINAL FANTASY 15 NEW Gameplay Trailer 2016 FINAL FANTASY XV Niflheim Base Battle Footage


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Jon says:

is this how all of them are?

Real Smithy says:

Graphics are so amazing, can tell it’s PS4 only

Nyuurix says:

Ok. I need to say that.. HE IS SO DAMN SEXY.

DatBwoiXERXESdem says:

Do they have to fuck up final fantasy more and more? Throw in fucking turn base for fuck sakes, what happen to good old find new towns buy new weapons, learn new magic/summons. FUCK!!!!!!!! I promise ff7 remake is already fucked before it started.

Zemp. says:

The battle system looks like it’s gonna disappoint again… looks like it’ll be like playing DMC with only two buttons (attack and defend) and little to no skill required. DMC/GOW is an action game. FF is an rpg. KH was a nice balance between the two styles. This… is… wtf is this?! Another 2 button FFXIII with added MGS?!

Benjamin Wisch says:

Metal Gear Emo

James Elliot says:

this is not how final fantasy is meant to be looks more like metal gear solid meets devil may cry

Seán South says:

Where are the GF’s??

OYunaO says:

hm, wenn das game in eu raus kommt. kann man das dann auch mit japanischerm sprachton haben u deut. untertitel? ich hab kein bock auf den englischen sprachton xD need jap. xD

Wilson Saracho says:

Metal gear that is this ??

fantasygaming says:

as soon as I saw him slicing shit up at 1:30 I knew I was buying the game . I haven’t played since FF12

ThisIsUrHostKillahMemeStar LetzGetRoiteIntoDeNudes! says:

Cool, you can use stealth or just go in and fuck everything up, love it.

Galaxychung siren says:


Nigrantis says:

i love how final fantasy went from a fantasy style rpg with turn based combat to a metal gear rip off. But graphics look good so nobody cares.

Zelkia says:

Holy balls. I just gave up on KH3. This is coming out this year, and this shit tops that shit by 20%x6. (That’s by 100%, duh)

Laz Addams says:

Holy fuck!!!! This could be the franchises next 7 it appears, it looks too amazing for words!!

Artcade says:

What fps is this running at?

Morgan Phillips says:

I was gonna buy this until I saw this video. final fantasy thinks we want an action game but what we want is a good story, that’s why we loved ff7-9, because it had good story-worlds. yes the graphics look good but final fantasy’s most successful game was the one with the worst graphics.

Harmen D says:

Nifhelheim -> Nibelheim? Geeze SquareEnix creativity sure is on point these days!

Matheus Vieira says:

Regardless the gameplay features being good or bad, Final Fantasy has always had an incredible soundtrack.

Shadowcon66 says:

where is the turn based combat
it’s been so long

Luc Konosuke says:

O_O holy fuck..
Ok i’m getting a ps4 <3

tito fauzan fauzan says:

well no doubt we can use stealth cuz we using sasuke as main character in this game ;v

Omlet says:

Fashion Fantasy XV…looks beautiful but the mechanics look nothing like a FF game.

tailspao Su says:

The final fantasy changed a lot, and attracted more people than it ever used to my brother hates the final fantasy series, but he loved this most of my friends did wow just wow for all those people saying it sucks shut up!

Dub QEJD says:

I always wanted to play a video game starring a kpop boy band!

Keep Bleeding says:


コイキング says:

Whats is your favoritcharacter in FINAL FANTASY15?

Michael Parsons says:

Eff yea!

OmeGa says:

good thing they didnt released this for last gen or else it would look like a potato

Ralph says:

that 2H sword skill at 2:21 is broken & needs repaired lmfao

carlo palero says:

flying RAIJIN!

Vayne Carudas Solidor says:

provocative tsundere look, psycho smiling voice, sexy body, cute face, spider like assassin skills…. i just finded the perfect woman! if she comes to exist, i’ll conquer her hand in marriage by beating her in a fight because tsunderes fall in love for mans who grabs them like dogs, and i’ll turn my current girlfriend in just a lover!

Silver T says:


General Hayes says:

oh this is going to be good and when i mean good i mean witcher level

tristen says:

its metal gear wtf

Kaas Baas says:

this game just cant be this good as it seems in this trailer. I fear it will be dissapointing… Althought if it wont, i might have to buy it

Samaddar Shubham says:

So they made the combat like kingdom hearts! I love it!

Eri Hasegawa says:

they are all so adorable especially promto and noctis

Austin Wright says:

Game is gorgeous!!! 😀


is it just me, or are the weapons missing that “oomph”?

Andre Storm Gremory says:

4 vs más de 8000 hombres…son unos capos xD

Paul Kallmeyer says:

thats not final fantasy anymore its a fucking hack and slay….

Michael Hernandez says:

This is Devil may cry V?? O MGS spin-pff? I dont understand very well because the title said Final fantansy??

Analheme says:

I would like not to care about this game, but I can’t help, I have hope and am afraid in the same time…

サイコゆり says:

i can imagine it, “we have to stealth” but me want wrap strike and chaos

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