Final Fantasy 15 New Gameplay – Everything You Need To Know

Final Fantasy 15 may have been delayed by a few weeks, but don’t let that stop you from being excited! Instead, watch this brand new Final Fantasy XV gameplay so you can see what you’re missing out on! But not for long!

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OwtDaftUK says:

Miller is such a troll, he is funny though.

dassquid says:

Living in Japan has perhaps made me unprepared to enjoyed this game. Their look is very modern Japanese male, and it’s a look/style that I just can’t… get behind? Approve of? One of the things I like most about this country is that undeniably (at least on a personal level) women here are the strongest of the genders. Far more fun, far stronger, far better friends.

Granted I live in Osaka which is most certainly opposite-Tokyo that a lot of pop culture demonstrates, but still. I can’t help but associate the features of these characters with weakness, I hope it’s a good game, but the aesthetics (themes?) have dampened my enthusiasm for this game.

steve T says:

you can thank dragons dogma for some of the mechanics in this game 😛

genisveil says:

I just hope the story is top tier.

Pro Instincts says:

This is going to be the biggest flop of the year. Sorry the combat looks shite. It might be cool for the first few hours, but after 80 hours? Guarantee it will do your tits in, spamming one/two buttons with this mind numbingly boring combat system. The main protagonist is also an edgy emo kid with father issues.

Ishinsai says:

i played ff7 again so worth it beating ruby and emerald… keep ff15 out of the way and play your games

Sergio Hernandez says:

I’m in chapter 9 in final fantasy

FurryWulfz says:


Because then it’d have fallout 4 / witcher 3 loads sadly.

The Likely Lad says:

MGear went open world also. We all know how that turned out….

facefister69 says:

Is there more to the combat other than just holding down a button?

Die partei ist Hitler says:

i really cant take the main characters seriously. they look like complete faggots. reminds me of one direction

gAmegirl62 says:

12 is my fav FF i know odd man out I can live with it looking forward to 15. 13 eas shit

NoblAesthesia says:

I don’t understand shit when she speaks. :/

Cournioni says:

I actually like the look of this, even though I never liked any of the previous Final Fantasy’s.

deetsitmeisterjd says:

I don’t believe you can’t drive the car, what the fuck is that? also in one of the trailers, the car can fly so is that on rails aswell? because there is literally no point in having a flying vehicle then

Connor Wood says:

Loving the look of this. Can’t wait for it. Been waiting for over 10 years so who cares about 2 months to iron out those bugs.

Birlzey says:

simon miller.. that voice sounds familiar, did you used to be on the dvds what came with the xbox magazines years ago?! used to get them when i was a kid lol

Zain Boss says:

In the description it says the game has been delayed by a few weeks

A few weeks my ass

Mike, TheAnimated says:

There’s so much bitching in the comments about this game, and then they wanna get mad the game is delayed. It show Tabata made a good decision delaying it, although I think it looks fun.

Poseidon Gaming says:

This is going to bring me back to the franchise.

Love your podcasts guys! Your banter cracks me up!

Despite the non-turnbased combat & the J-Pop boy band look, I’m getting a good feeling about this.

And that’s coming from an FF7 era fan 😉

mike wattie says:

can anyone tell me if this game is worth it? im a big ff fan and an even bigger RPG fan.

Neurotyczny Kot says:

I don’t get it… whats up with that camping and shit? Did you ever see dudes like this in a fucking tent?

Avian Atarexia says:

I wish they make a 2 version of ffxv a turn base and action combat to accommodate both fan base. Persona see this a opportunity since they straying away on turn base now. I think persona 5 is much better than ffxv base on the japan survey.

Davey Bold says:

This looks like Red Dead Redemption
If Red Dead Redemption was a load of old piss

Gareth Tomlinson says:

I thought for a second there wasn’t going to be any out of context overly sexualised women in this for a minute, but then, around 8:00, there you go. I mean, I know all the women mechanics around here always wear hot pants and no top, for practical reasons, obviously. Some things never change!

Darkr8zor says:

With the mention of the giant monsters at night, exploration and crafting it’s sounding a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles X – which is grand :0)

Wally West says:

holy mother of hairstyles 😮

michaeloffgrid says:

“If you liked Final Fantasy for the turned based combat … you might not like this one.”

I feel like people are still living in the 90s with regards to how they view Final Fantasy. FF hasn’t been turned based in 15 years. This game isn’t some bold departure from the previous FF experience.

Ryuuken24 says:

Play FF10, that shit, you out of your mind. Only autists like those new versions.

firebane says:

the graphics got a big downgrade. WOw!

Kaffi O says:

holy shit, watching this makes me want to play no man’s sky. Large world with little to do, resource mining, really repetitive combat, and static npc, and a shit ton of menu management.

Did this game get a massive graphics downgrade?

Sjono says:

Dragon Quest is franchise that thrives on staying in the past

Drake Floyd says:

I really wanted to be optimistic about this game, but after the demo’s, and Alice saying the combat is still just holding down one button I can’t be. I don’t know how such a dull unimmersive combat system will hold me for 20-50+ hours…

TrapperMilan says:

Jeez, does this boring bint chat all the way through it??

Melko22 says:

As someone who has played every final fantasy since 7 (except for 10-2, that game does not exist as far as I’m concerned) this will be the first final fantasy that I will not be playing. Based on what i’ve seen here and elsewhere and what I already knew about the way the game plays there is nothing here at all that interests me. This is a Final Fantasy in name only, there is nothing here of the soul of the franchise. I think I will just go and play the dadfish simulator again instead.

Zain Boss says:

Some people think this game is about button mashing but it’s actually not
I’ve played it.
It’s all about timing

FurryWulfz says:

It’s mostly i imagine because they didn’t want to directly compete with Persona 5 in Japan. Persona is massive in Japan and very under appreciated in the west.

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