Final Fantasy 15 MULTIPLAYER Gameplay (Final Fantasy XV Comrades Expansion BETA)

This is 38 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Gameplay from the closed beta on PS4 Pro.

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Spynxz -_- says:

Check out final fantasy brave exvius on playstore

ManlyPanties says:

I love it

Eassle369 says:

This looks so awesome I can’t wait try it! Idk what’s up with all these people I thought 15 was great

Ali3n Metaphor says:

it about time. always thought multi player would work in this game

Johann Sanne says:

Aw man i was wishing the multiplayer was going to let us play as noctis, prompto, gladio, and ignis all together.

Sean Lid says:

How will it work?
Is it a separate story or something?

-TrayFont- says:


JangoGod says:

Looks great, why are you nerds bitchin again?

Its Geo says:

I generally do not like the FF series, but I do want to see what this has to offer. It seems people think this game is bad, I’ll never know cause I won’t play it(even though I own it). If I can make my own character and go do some fun shit I’ll enjoy this.

Kurogaea Monari says:

Can I just say. I think your character (Who looks like a guy who was just recently sitting on his couch eating chips or something) doesn’t really help make this multiplayer look good. Also I think the animations a bit off when it comes to warping when used with certain character models. :/

Kitten says:

Comments are a bunch of cunts talking about cunts hating the game. So who’s the real cunts you saggy cunts

ーストレ says:

Am i the only one that doesnt like this?

Micha van Dooren says:

Ff15 online the manly growling simulator 2017

Justin Espeoni says:

Realise it for PC please

Caelem Vaellerek says:

Can we please just let this franchise die already? It’s always been shit and will forever be shit. The combat is boring and the story too. I don’t get how anyone can play through however many installments of this dumb crap thats out there. And I agree with all the people who want to see this game die and hopefully the whole franchise too. Have a nice day.

Sorrowful Sadness says:

This Multiplayer is Cancer

Noctis Lucis Money says:

Don’t forget my motto everyone!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: The money!

Make sure to give me all your money!

PeepoOfRivia says:

What has final fantasy become this shit makes me sad

LiangHuBBB says:

shouldve added online from the start oh well

Korean Takeout says:

Woahhhhhh. This looks tight.

Bradley Madden says:

How’d you get in on this beta.

21BARREIRO says:

Kinda wished there was coop for the story when it first came out maybe I would’ve actually liked the story and gameplay more

xmuraix77 says:

IS IT free to play? L:OL

Young Flash says:

Awsome !!!

Mischievious Jirachi says:

I like this.

Lord Of Admirals says:

*I hate final fantasy 15, so I’ll click on it and watch it even though I hate it* basically this comment section is cancer. Seriously, if you don’t like the game then don’t play it, or look at it’s videos. Why look at something you don’t like, I just don’t understand the psychological behind those peoples minds. Yeah, it wasn’t what they showed us back in 2013 but they didn’t promise that. I enjoyed the game even though it wasn’t what I hoped it to be, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people dont like it.

Zyvxh _ says:

They changed a lot.

And I love it!!!!

Riese says:

they could add some dif roles in the game, seing just 4 guys hitting like crazy looks boring.

That One Guy says:

I wonder if they’re going to make your level based on your noctis level that’d be awesome

Shaun Adams says:

I really hope that when the full version comes out it’ll be free-roam

Valetine Black says:

His avatar looks like nyx final fantasy 15 kingsglave

Mark Kim says:

idk why they’re still trying with this game lol…. They scrapped the original idea of ffxv and made the fans wait more than they should have… Not to mention, even with the final product they took out a lot of interesting details… Honestly, game devs should just let things die instead of making shitty attempts to compensate for the shit vanilla game by adding gimmicky dlcs and other bs that are just gonna be really faulty and glitchy on release.


I haven’t played the game since I beat it a month after launch. Did square ever patch in a cohesive story?

philip erwin says:

I actually really love this game never understood all the hate

The Legendary Soldier says:

The moment when Just Cause 3 was done better than FF15… God, just release FF7 and show these newcomers what a real FF game was back in the day. The fact that this game can be compared with FF13 is a shame. Square Enid I see you’ve give no fucks anymore but please for your OG fan you REAL fans. Don’t slack off on FF16 and FF7 Remake.

Riese says:

cant say if it is good or bad, its a beta yet.

megaaziib says:

the multiplayer system is kinda like monster dragon nest/vindictus which is instance based, i hope it will be like black dessert/terra online which is open world so you can explore together by with friends

Swoldier Nation says:

Jesus I swear to god people will find literally anything to fucking complain about, and it gets so much fucking annoying. The game was actually quite good (may be a bit biased as it was my first ff game) and I still honestly loved it, the only thing I didn’t like was the lack of multiplayer but now seeing this, I’m excited and can’t wait to try it out. But yet other people hear crying over the smallest fucking things, get the flying fuck over it, give me one actual backed up reason why this game was bad, because as far as i can see, everything was pretty top notch as far as graphics, gameplay, plot, and mechanics, if not then gtfo.

Steve I says:

Looks shitty just like the entire game was.

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