Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Platinum Full Demo (Final Fantasy XV)

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Platinum Full Demo


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iMattDoStuff says:

It’s too beautiful. I love it

Oink` says:

“Just don’t even think about it Noctis, just *burp* turn into a car!”

Nyan Nyan Mufukkas says:

Is this still available for download?

Jekkaboi says:

The soundtrack is beautiful!

Thatniceguy81 says:

i named my guide cat thing the first word that popped into my head Steve Austin

Etzlo1 says:

picking up coins? seriously?

An93lsGl0ry says:

GUYS I NEED HELP! I’m already at Chapter 3 of FF15 and haven’t played this platinum demo. I’d like to ask if it is still possible for the Carbuncle to appear when I continue playing, after I finish this demo? Or must I start a new game again, or it won’t work anymore TwT?

Maelstrom says:

omg i’m laughing at the balloon weapons lol. I love the detail so much

epique wenqa aka epik says:

very kingdom hearts like

Ivan Obillos says:

Aren’t they supposed to slow down when they walk/run on water?

Venumidas says:

Only differecne that in the old trailer it was most likely a cutscene, not it is gameplay.

T.K. Bold says:

….That one boss battle would have been the most appropriate place to have the original Nomura Attire. Or so I feel at least. It just looked like something borderline fantasy.

Yung Wells says:

What kin of tarzan bullshit is this??

Fantomb Sixtyfour says:

God, that game looks like shit.

BellaxBeba says:

Noctis must’ve had some weird type of steroids to have this kinda dream 5:35

BellaxBeba says:

I can only imagine it saying:
”You have obtained:

TheAngryPenguin says:

Man! Super hyped to play this game! Also, just a side note. This is not only a demo but a side story about younger Noctis so it kinda makes sense that the combat to be simpler. And bad graphics?! What kind of games are you playing for these to be bad?!

Joan Omari says:

this game is amazing good graphics good combat mechanics. best fantasy game ever

Beyond Kirbys says:

Awwweee Noctis looks sooo cute <3

Apollo says:

Its official I’m getting this game.

Dark Steel says:

I’m getting a veeeery strong Kingdom Hearts vibe in this game….AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

DeadlyPsyko says:

The game looks amazing, seems to flow well, and has an amazing soundtrack as well!

vetlerradio says:

This looks amazing, but the sounds are really annoying… Like the notification when the little “fox” is writing to you, god, unbearable.

ShizukaLapis says:

Aww, this is really cute. Wish Carbuncle had appeared in the game more.

Perry D says:

Upon googling Carbuncle to find the origins of this summon’s name, this is what I find:
A *carbuncle* is a cluster of boils, draining pus onto the skin. It is usually caused by bacterial infection, most commonly with Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes, which can turn lethal.
He’s a little less cute now.

Gaming Pal Ollie says:

How do I get this demo? Do I need to buy FF0? If so I will if it means getting this demo

Jeramiibo says:

The music is absolutely beautiful! As well as the graphics. I’m very excited for this entry. I hope it does well for SE.

Isaak Figueroa says:

This is sooo fucking Kawaii!!! Lol i loves it x3

Angel of Darkness says:

Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts definitely hahahaha

Aditya Wicaksono says:

you can fight that monster again by walking through those path, but in a higher level, just to test noctis’s skills (which is really cool)

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