Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 – Episode Duscae (PS4 English Gameplay 1080p)

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Episode Duscae PS4 – Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Part 1 – Demo – Final Fantasy 15 English Gameplay PS4.


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obama barak says:

this is a good reason f why need manuals books inside of the game cases
because it looks cool and we can play with the action from the beggining
and not this bullshit
press X to jump shit
move the stick down to duck
geez really we saw the from nintendo

Duy Pham says:

This game is so great

Robert Branch says:

really? Do you really have to run your mouth so much?

kaneki ken says:

ai viết tải game này ơ đâu không để lại link cho mình với

Jarvis Blackburn says:

The game looks totally different when he plays the beta demo a year ago

Jhin The Virtuoso says:

is it for PC yet?

sadam sufi says:

dude why didnt u take cover behind rocks while in combat? its another way to regain yr mp dude. live u walk through though dont get me wrong

Marek Rozevic says:

is it me or somethings wrong with rendering?

Sedan Asfd says:

I’m sad that this game have a season pass with story in it..there will be a big wait for me until i’l play this..

Unknown Blank says:

is there any difference between FF XV Day one edition and FF XV deluxe edition?

bradfordcu says:

i am eating money for final fantasy 15

Yusuf khot says:

Ok im really confused with the series so can u tell me which final fantasy game is realeasing next so i can buy it…

Awesome Chaotix says:

Can someone please tell me if the game got delayed to November?

Devin C. says:

If Square Enix and Bandai Namco collar they could make a sick Sword art Online game that would be sick

fun kids says:

I have a ps4 I have this game but I don’t know how to play it so I’m whathing it to learn

Justin Becci says:

Omg when I finished watching brotherhood and kingsglaive i was expecting for noctis’s exposure there but yeah now im hyped to know the full story of FFXV !!

Mercy Olaka says:

i have 14

Fani Santosa says:

cool huh.. yeah right XD

Ultima Omega says:

is it offially release? oh my god i need to play this !!!!!!!!

Sora Blank says:

I can not play I don’t any money to buy a console im a bit annoyed to play on console

Mercy Olaka says:

I like the anime better

Maria Cathlene Echavari says:

y’know if you watch the anime of final fantasy XV you would understand the story more
just saying 😀

Mr.Bowser says:

With that MP bar you have to pull out your dark souls skills like with a stamina bar, I can’t wait for this, it’s a little like dark souls due to some of the methods of combat, witcher 3 due to the open world and the random hunts you can go on and of course final fantasy combined

Alex Kellen says:

Answer… the fucking… phone.


I think swimming might come when it’s done, that would be cool

Hardox says:

wtf who takes that long to wake up I mean come on

mikakami93 says:

it was demo the official release on November this year if im nt wrong

Pixel Pug says:

I like the guy with blond hair

edward wotten says:

Hey does this the last few Final fantasy games require Credit card cause the 1 FINAL FANTASY XI Chains of Promenthia & Rise of Zilart for X-box 360 & yes i still have the copy as well did require for Credit card just after finishing up PLAY ONLINE VIEWER Download then it asked for Credit card information on before game would flip on over does the rest of the Final Fantasy series still do that still ask for credit card information !? but since MARCH 2016 showed that the FINAL FANTASY COMPANY Closed all servers down on PROMENTHIA & RISE OF ZILART For FINALY FANTASY XI so basically stuck with a useless game i guess just still wondering if the others do the Credit card information & PLAY ONLINE VIEWER DOWNLOAD Issue as well just asking around ?! cause i have both X-box 360 & PS3

Bob The Nagasaki says:

This game needs to be a Nintendo Switch release

Timothy Soetarto says:

promto sounds a lot like jaune from rwby

Jack Boniface says:

Give me a starwars game like this

DanielBProductions says:

When the game comes out we should ether have more MP or your MP gains faster after you have just gotten into stacist

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