Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD] FF XV Episode Duscae – No Commentary



dampsalt says:

wtf, Fuck Xbox always getting ps exclusives, why the fuck can’t we get Xbox games?

Shenanigans Mcgee says:

*Looks at thumbnail* “Xbox one, 1080p” Hahahaha, that’s funny, tell me another joke.

Karl Ferguson says:

i mistock his tattoo for fur

Sylvan Zarwell says:

Feels like you are members of a crappy poser punk band that lost the tour van.

Haruko Yuki says:

I think I’m gonna pissed my pants…

John Bane says:

I’m hoping we can customize their appearance… the game isn’t even out and I’m sick of their emo boyband style ._.’

Emoni Rocks says:

This game look so good. But *sigh* If only it has multiple playable characters with females like Type-0. 🙁

Chris Zammit says:

I have 1 question: is Nix still alive? His fight with General Glock made the showdown with Sephiroth in AC look lame and I really wanna see the rematch.

Travis Claytor says:

fuck this game, work on ff7 remake

Xiphos Verona says:

the video/audio drag…. was that from in-game? or it got messed up while uploading?

BzQs Dragon says:

Vid starts at 1:55

Ahmed Salim says:

Good one bro played like a pro player respect

sahmod lacewell says:

For a game called final fantasy their is a lot of these games

Hiram Fibonik says:

About five months ago, some twat who calls himself “Louis Raillard” disabled the “reply” function and posted, “It seems… empty ?”

You know what, dude? You don’t get to say something provocative, then disable the “reply” function, you self-absorbed cunt! I don’t even have an opinion on what you had hoped would be the subject of your insane comment; your unwillingness (or your parents)’ unwillingness to trust you to accept replies is all that matters. Fuck you, fuck your mom, fuck your dad, fuck your foster parents…whatever! Please change!

BustyButters says:

Do you just fight animals?

Guernicaman says:

I always wondered when Square-Enix would make Final Fantasy One Direction.

omgwtfbbq says:

this is not final fantasy…

noob123 456 says:


Ydot izzy says:

It will be better if it had sasuke voice in English

elrugged1 says:


giovanni whocaredude says:

but you didnt had to kill all those cute animals

Frodew says:

Wow, huge downgrade in the graphics from the original footage…

Aldonos says:

Noctis is one sexy mother fucker,

I am saying this as a straight man.

noob123 456 says:

cant wait till releasr

Mayukh Joshi says:

loading ends at 1:53

Dep Qua says:

all that time, money and effort. Yet you still can’t customize your main characters appearance. So much for next Gen FF RPG. Where’s my Mass Effect 4?

nicomg1295 says:

hey, does anybody know wether this section of the game will be part of the story in the full game or not? like, is having to repair the car a part that you will have to complete at some time in the game main quest.

My 8-bit OST says:

The loading screen takes forever

Londyn Goodman says:

Are all the games related to each other?

Hi says:

So how can we play this?

P4TTL says:

loving the voice acting, expected noctis to have a girlier voice but it’s quite perfect.

Commissar Kordoshky says:

The guy with the glasses… He did Balthier’s voice I swear it…

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