Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay (PS4/Xbox One) Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy 15 New Gameplay

Final Fantasy 15 releases September 30th for PS4 and Xbox One

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jukinua says:

the decal…;-)

Yoda #When she rubs the lightsaber says:

Driving simulator 2016?

Cleiton Santos says:

cassin casimbozo du simbäd , tudu corno vc’s aí

Aziz Coskun says:


Bringthewinter says:

Damn, I need money to buy this game. I wonder if anyone would pay to watch me rub lotion on my feet.

warlem rocha says:

GTA Fantasy?

Brianna Sanchez says:

Where’s cloud buster sword?

Kamaleshsan Ganesan says:


Mordhaus says:

Final fantasy meets gta?

Fodina's Empress says:


Ciley Mirus says:

Gordon chocobo edishon

Steve Macola says:

Is Cidney’s middle name “Aurum” and last name “Vale”? NOW we know where the name of the most hated dungeon in FFXIV comes from!

Kostas Stefas says:

Visually this game looks great but……….. if history tells us anything when games throw all the great visual’s at you in previews it means its lacking mostly everywhere else. Now idk if many of you have played the demo I really didn’t like the gameplay.

Tyriq Moore says:

where’s tifa

GamRGirlz Unite says:

I don’t buy into them over sexualizing Cindy

harmjan berends says:

can someone tell me if i should pre order this game? yes i like the game but im not convinced yet  if i sound a little bit cynical thats because i have see final fantasy 13 and the games after it  tough this one may break the circel who knows

GHS says:

I prefer FF7 remake.

Pikri Haykhal says:


Alex Alexandru says:

this game is gonna be revolutionary!

Ed Ch says:

so far I have found this game unconvincing except for the music

San Mattew says:

i never understood the driving. Do you have control of the car? in this video the player was controlling the car or the ai??

S0URC3iD says:

Can someone explain that FFIX scene at 8:27!?

Timid _Nation says:

the first minute they just talking about cindy, gg dev

2Quick4You100 says:

My P4 is gonna break when this shit comes out.

jroyall gaming says:

woowwww greatttttt jobb konami

marckery blanchard says:

that mechanic is sexy as hell, damn you FF15

Allen Walker says:

for players asking if you are able to control the car. Yes you can or you can set it to manual and ignis will control it. you can also listen to their conversation
this is like gta in my opinion lol

Ninjainyoface says:

waited a long time for it

Anjum Saeed says:


Bander الشافعي says:


kira64 says:

Pimp put your ride while you’re going to save the world.

Literally Hoi says:

Is there a single playthrough demo that they advertise which DOESN’T show them driving the fucking car?

Your Average Communist says:


Mohamed Metoui says:

can you shut the fuck up and let us listen to the game sound ? You are doing like blablabla
fuck you opinion , i want to watch and listen to the game sound , not your

alfred dominguez says:

final banatasy

Mahvel Fan says:

22 people don’t like it daytime, they prefer nighttime from this game

prakhar ranjan says:

this is a only a type of dipshit

Jace Villaflor says:

I only have 1 fear for this game… the fps if it’s not locked in atleast 30 fps I don’t know anymore. The platinum demo was so bad since it’s fps was around 20

Tewthpaste says:

I want some cool looking armor. Not some gay clothes.

Mikael Rivacov says:

ano kuruma wa sexist desu. –;

guitarwinds says:

Too bad it’s not for PC

biorobot2 says:

Lightning weapon…… Please no more FF XIII stuff

Max Wilson says:

The game is not out yet people already hate the living shit out of it base on a demo………

BULLDOG2536 Play's says:


Real Deal says:

i hope you can customize the car and not just put a selection paint job on it

Queue Informal says:

English, Please… And why do all Final Fantasy male characters looks kinda gay? Maybe they should create a game character simulator to create your own player.

Mind Shatter says:

Square putting that Unreal engine to good use

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