Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Part 1 – Episode Duscae Demo

Check out gameplay from the Final Fantasy 15 Episode Duscae Demo on Xbox One.
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drakenastor says:

These guyz look like they jelly eachothers donuts.

Faisal Bader says:

Whats the name of the music on 23:23?

Naeem Gibson says:

all black, five tech man. noctis, that’s a bad man.

Muhammed Koçak says:

Just imagine playing this like Kirito played SAO.
Will we be able to play it like that in November 2022? I dont think so but i would love to.

Muhammed Koçak says:

The final game will have better graphics, better ai, magic, more weapons and combos, and you’ll be able to use the weapon you choose with the up, down, left and right button, limited to a pair of 4 weapon.

Chris Ghoul says:

I also got the demo and its fucking awsome

YOKE QO says:

wow its nice i like it thanks japan

Mikhail Polenin says:

super gay

Isaiah 922013 says:

did they change the hud because it looks completely different on the platinum demo

BrandonCorrena says:

To the people who are down talking the battle system;
You all knew what to expect, it’s been like this since FFXII
Live action is what is popular, although there are alot of old dogs (Including myself) who prefere the turn based battle system X was freaking gold.
But anyway, Live Battle is here by popular demand and it’s going to stay that way, I wouldn’t be suprized if the FFVII remake was live action.

Senkyy says:

Combat is only reason ill never play these games

HaloZach 117 says:

Yep sasuke 100% hahaha

Lightray110 says:

Interesting. Looks like Noctis has a different weapon depending on what kind of attack you use at the time. Like a Great sword for Heavy and so on.

ADAM Shalashaska says:

anyone notice noctis voice it sound like the voice actor that voiced aiden Pearce in watch dogs

TenToes says:

just give us a good strategic turn based combat system instead of this flailing around. jesus…

MrAntuanAntuan says:

Do you see what i see ?

Aleks Reese says:

This looks amazing,holy shit..

1996recovery says:

this will be my first final Fantasy and the 2nd is final Fantasy 7 remake

DrStabkill says:

I am actually pretty excited for this. When I first saw the trailers I thought it was just gonna be some more over-stylized bullshit, but it looks like they’ve finally made the gameplay more interactive. I like the old turn-based and all, but I didn’t like the auto-combat that was in 13. This might be the first one I play all the way through since X

Mariano Bersezio says:

WTF its this S-H-I-T? OMG, the new revolution of gamers are SO EASY to fulfill ! O_O

Ningyo Chan says:

Im a bug ff fan:D and i love and prefer the new combat style. It doesnt feel like pokemon anymore. And this game just in general looks amazing!

bannajirocks says:

graphics wise,, this game is not even 10% of Uncharted 4

Ryan Newsom says:

Does the tent say Coleman?

MIDI音楽男 says:

good they didnt downgrade the graphics 4 xbone ,ill be getting it 🙂

NoctLightCloud says:

I’ll definitely get this game. So many things about it are just my taste^^

Salem Mohamed says:

is this game online

Master Bait Tour says:

shut that fucking phone up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rinkuri Ichi says:

Everything is all right but why all wear like emo black nd black nd black 😀 And That guy what a type he is look seem  fckn Sasuke from Naruto 😀 Some punk guys invited in FF world.:D Black Guy said: what a world.Other one said: he look a monster then now they are playing role of the hero.Usually they are have a rock band.:D Chaos hated them.And destroyed their band.Now they are wanna revenge. 😀 Story line such that 😀 AA sorry about my english.

videogameartist043 says:

This game looks like itll be the best game i will ever play

Ducks in Tophats says:

Yassssss finally real time combat!

Dominic Chandler says:

playing through this game myself at the moment… Is it true u can get the thunder aeon????

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