Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay FULL Walkthrough Summon/Open World/Battles – Final Fantasy XV Demo (PS4)

Episode Duscae 2.0 Gameplay ►

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Duscae Episode Demo Complete

Final Fantasy XV is an action role-playing game with third-person shooter elements. The characters have the ability to traverse the environment in a free-running style, which also extends to battle with larger enemies. During navigation, markers can be placed around the environment to help with navigation.

The world is a large connected landmass which can be explored on foot or by using a car or a chocobo. Loading screens are only encountered when the party is entering a city or town. They can visit such locations to rest in hotels or buy equipment and ingredients for cooking during camping. The car can be driven by Noctis, or one of the other characters can take control, enabling an auto-drive option. It is maintained by the mechanic character Cidney. To ride chocobos, the player must rent them. A day-and-night time system affects the appearance of monsters on the world map.

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Giroutte says:

Idk if it’s just me but the camera works so much better in here than it does in the final game, camera angles are all over the place in the final version imo.

Zero Bahamut says:

is this coming to pc? i cant stand consoles.

Miiranga says:

Holy fuck is this better than the full game.

Brinley Triggers Me says:

I miss Lightning and Cloud xD

Elkavi Abel says:

watch kings glaive ff 15 and u will know how the insomnia fail

lê minh cường says:

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– HN – Hoàng Nguyễn – 016 353 40 521
Đ/c : Số 3 ngách 110 ngõ 166 Kim Mã – Ba Đình – Hà Nội
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bryce2fadeway says:

is it me or the graphics seriously went downgraded between what im seeing here from one year ago  and the latest TGS gameplay??

Александр Дубина says:


This was the graphics a year and a half ago. WILL THE GRAPHICS GET SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER OR IMPROVE WHEN IT RELEASES THIS LATE NOVEMBER ? Im not saying its bad, it’s really great! But hasn’t reached the quality they showed in alot of their videos.. such as the environment trailer World of Wonders. What do you guys think???

Light Yagami says:

I was considering buying this but I’m still not sure, I’ve never played final fantasy before. Is it easy to grasp for newcomers to the series?

Although judging by by the comments it sounds like this final fantasy is equivelant to Fallout 4 for Fallout fans, basically a dumbed down version.

g wei says:

The graphic is insane but i still hate the game pla.y.

tenyomo says:

Too bad it isn’t co-op 🙁

Alex H. says:

The behemoth looks like one of those Gran Pulse monsters from ff13.

Douglas Peters says:

Idk about those summons they seem to over powered

AllAtlas says:

Just played judgement disc, is it me or does the gameplay here seem a lot more fluid? I also don’t notice as many frame rate drops

Concepcion30 says:

Cindy’s outfit looks like your typical over-sexualized costume from Tera Online, lol.

Kev We says:

Warping with the sword is so lame. Where are the cool
magic explosions and so on. It’s a hack and slash now…

Glenn Bravy says:

12:27 Noctis cut him a new buttcrack.

Morpheus says:

Noctis is basically Morpheus

siti azlan says:

omg..the graphic..*crying*..its so fucking beutiful!!

Tolga Kök says:

why that fuckin fighting music?

STrale patriot says:

not even one girl to join my party??!????!?? O.o
Garnet & Claire/Lightning will sadly be missed…….

Alexander Westphal says:

beautiful game very final fantasy

ıuguyo konelreo says:

mount and blade 2 and this woow thiş year is rpg year.

Vahn Williams says:

THE full walktrough in 2 Horus!?!?!?!?

Swiggity Swag says:

How do you get the demo?

Angel play says:

na moral velho ….. 2 horas pra esse home ficar arrudiando o mapa que nem uma veia , parece quer tava ´pisando em bosta , e para de ficar usando uma habilidade só … vai chupar um canavial de rola

Thomas Zimmermann says:

boy band group xD not FF Macho style and to much Japan Style..crap !

Zion Clement The Ultimate Fanboy says:

It ONLY will let me do Open world battles someone hell


This game looks awesome can’t wait to get it in November

Toan Truong says:

umm cindy lol

XxFlaringFoxX says:

lol its neat to see how there voices changed from this to the full game, prompto and noctis have higher pitched voices, more so noctis. he sounds really growly in this version.

Алексей Моисеев says:

Чем всем нравится эта параша?

Broken Hashtags says:

Can’t wait for this game❤

GamingVictory says:

14:42 Kingdom Hearts reference

VlogiiiDawidaaa says:

omg same voice actors as in ff12!!

jake Steel says:

Like how Gladiuos and Pompto got completly denied by cindy lol

juni bug says:

im confused thought this game didn’t come out till the 29th

Shadow Fang says:

There’s Noway deadeye is a bohemeth they are not huge like that

Hypro_ bolt says:

This game is going to be so cool

saul emmanuel says:

me encantan tus videos amigo

jonathan Isenhour says:

*successfully executes plan to take down Behemoth*
*cheering and celebration amongst party members

Me: shiiiiit, you didn’t think it was gonna be THAT easy did you??

Robbie Keith says:

Pretty depressing that this is the best they could come up with over its 10 year development. It might make a decent Yakuza game, but Final Fantasy? God…

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