FINAL FANTASY 15 Gameplay Full Demo (E3 2016) Final Fantasy XV

FINAL FANTASY 15 Gameplay Full Demo (E3 2016) FFXV

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A Banana says:

i regret watching videos of this game cuz now waiting is fucking hard

Elc J says:

Game will get boring real fast.

Gone are the days of progressive an innovative game making.

Aside from graphics, games are going backwards.

dani stan says:

can you play it OFFline?

Long Tran says:

Nice design, character and epic game plot.
Bullsh-t gameplay.

OppaiTaisho says:

That fps x_x
PC version pls.

Poh Ti says:

I’m saving all my annual leave for this game lol

albert futo says:

nuh hope the game has jap lang with eng subs :v

Ghost Legend says:

Now we talking!!!!!!!

Luiscifer Luis says:

Why you don’t put subtitles???

DankJoe 007 says:

Lets hope everything he says about the game is true. Ive been lied to by game developers far too long especially no mans sky. Im having low expectations for this game

Black Cobra says:

I hate this kind of games

GreatnessIsNear says:

Getting it for christmas cant wait!!

Light Yagami says:

I’m new to Final Fantasy but I like RPGs should I get this?

eL FaRMaZoN says:

Well, why the hell out of a good RPG usual slasher to do? 🙁

11swallowedinthesea says:

I’m too busy with The Witcher 3 at 71 hours focusing on mostly side-quests, but this is too great to pass up.

รђเг๏ คɭєא says:

aaaaaa farron ? 19:51

Kenny Normand says:

Lmao, its like watching the Wiggles.

don't ask for my name says:

what do I buy xbox one or ps4?

Dungeon Raider says:

I thought I heard Skyrim’s Dragonborn theme when he was still alive battling the giant.

Ali Mohamed says:

20 fps on ps4, peasents just wait till this is ported into pc and we can mod the shit out of this game

equenoxe86 says:

So huge as this open world looks it might take a life time to explore everything… It’ll sure be one hell of a time consumer.

Mont 3000 says:

I retired (plan on coming back) from video games for 2 years and this game still not out.

qweasdzxcname says:

we all know gameplay demos are the best moments but if its really as they show then its a game that actually requiers skill and i like it !

if it was 15 years ago, i might even buy a PS4 just for this game. but today ill just wait till it will get a PC release.

Sosuke Hasamki says:

stoped at 3:10 that was enough spoils for me. just wanna play now.

Chris Zammit says:

Why was this originally called Versus if there’s no multiplayer? Did they take it out?

OpenWorldGamer says:

Shut up and Take My $%###(& Money!!!

Mike M says:

four guys and one tent? (gay?) obviously the writers have never gone camping.

Lytbulb says:

I only knew a little about the game. Only that it looks realistic and that it exists and that 2 of the characters look like zack and cloud for a second(FF7). But man, square is evolving gaming more then I thought. I’m so happy my favorite company is making a game like this X3

Valerij Pjatakow says:

I dont get it. Whats so good about it?

Elc J says:

I’d rather just play God Of War lol

Vincent Aguirre says:


MrDmitryNS says:

Japanese witcher

Marcus Garner says:

I hate these main characters but after watching the movie I’m dying to play this game

Sam Steel says:

Are all the Final Fantasy games connected?

Bimanto Nur Rachman says:

fuckin boyband characters

Sai S says:

i might finally pick this one up just because it is open world and real time combat and that car! Never been a fan of ff games but i like what i saw very much!

Sheen Samurai says:

I never play any final fantasy for the console. But this look pretty sweet I will pre order it

DarkKomet says:

Titan looks like Atlast

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