Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay E3 2016 (Final Fantasy XV)

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay E3 2016 (Final Fantasy XV)
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teamhebi13 says:

damn i’m sorry this guy can’t play for shit

Ian .McIntosh says:

It will be played by Maatt. It wellle be pwayed by Mat.

zeldaoot23 says:

Ok, that’s totally the Morrowind/Elder Scrolls theme.

watch me says:

He just ran around getting his ass pummeled.

deedles says:

rip final fantasy

GameSpoon says:

Wtf hasn’t ff always been associated with PlayStation?

Carlos Mandujano says:

They let the wrong dude play the game ’cause his skills are awful.

tua mammina says:

how you can present a game? that you don’t even know how to plaY????

Sgt. K. says:


ALeXDiDoG says:

music of gameplay?

hiyyee says:

Cool looking boss, the fight doesn’t look very interesting though. :/

MixatoFreeKill says:


Dario Del Duca says:

Mia nonna sapeva giocare meglio.

dabadoco says:

Devil may cry + god of war + final fantasy

kratos vaas says:


Nightcaster460 says:

Will this game ACTUALLY be released? Will it be like Final Fantasy 7 and have old school graphics? Also, will it be on last gen?

Jxudo says:

Lol MS had to pay them so much to do this.

PacMonster146 says:

Japanese guy sounding like Marvin the Martian.

Aunt Jemima says:

It’s funny how FF15 is more of an action game than the new God of War lol

krischin says:

Wtf does that guy on the left say at the beginning? Lmao

Natasha Putri says:

Why is the player not WARPING? Not very interesting to watch.

Peke says:

that fat Chinese guy really ruined this gameplay.

Stevan K says:

Arydan is actually the prince and next heir, not Noctis.
King lucis and lunafreya die in the game.
Game ends in a cliffhanger for the sequel.
Story leaks confirmed.

Christoffer Lindberg says:

How nice of SE making this game PG3, showing what button to press 3 secs before an attack comes.

EluciaDeLuteIma says:

Someone fire Matt. What an absolute bag of shit.

sergio marin says:

lol the beginning of this video it’s funny xd and seriously I expected the Matt dude to play this awesomely , that didn’t happen .

Sithis says:

wish it was still just squaresoft. since the merge, all games have been meh at best 🙁

DoctorOtakovian says:

Wow he fuckin sucks.

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