Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Demo NEW (E3 2016) Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Demo NEW (E3 2016) Final Fantasy XV

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Damond Toliver says:

lol when u get the game u will c

Anti Illuminati says:

I’m SO glad Zelda isn’t going for such realism! It’d take away from the great fantasy that it is. Better cartoon-like. I prefer a world very separate from my own. So the medieval world of FF has come to this huh? OMG please never do this to Zelda. The modern Sheika Slate scares me a bit.

Damond Toliver says:

if they change the character n make a good story it’s like dragon ball super

killa2142xx says:


Nocturne says:

I would love playing the game with Japanese voices i hope they will add them

Au Jun says:

Final Fantasy is getting a lot of fancy same game play with main character with just different hair style.

Shahariar Dipto says:

sugoii desu ne

Arabia Gamers says:

Thumbnail Location: 0:29

Damond Toliver says:

n they need 2 make new elements n special limit breaks for characters

Jose Torres says:

A love this girl mecanique

Damond Toliver says:

final fantasy 7 will b better because the story is more interesting

dragonieprayer says:

the music during the titan fight gave me goosebumps all over….

Ben Staunton says:

nothin wrong with having a road trip with 4 dudes wearing black and taking pictures. nothin wrong with that…

Lady Lucia says:

I’ve never played a FF before, but I might try this one out :3

Damond Toliver says:

tell them 2 hit me I’ll make final fantasy a good game I have tons of new idea just need the support I’m not rich i now u final fantasy dropping tell them 2 talk 3 me I promised final fantasy will make money n n da best rpg ever even surprised the game maker of skyrim to me they r the best rpg game of all time final fantasy storyboard end 2 quit n u will never b better than da personal that make skyrim

Real Deal says:

i want to be the dude with the tats

Erick Lee says:

sadly there will be no female party members eh? =(

Real Deal says:

if this is online co op….best game of 2016

marckery blanchard says:

I wish there were different outfits we could equip to the characters

Your dark lord says:

Any weeaboos papa franku papa franku kappa kappa 123 123

Arno Wisp says:

So a wait mode huh? guess they didn’t want it to alienate long time fans too much. Still its cool, might be handy when things get out of hand.

Syed Shamiun says:

the camera is differnt from the show the camera on the show is smaller and its like one of the coolpix ones prompto gets a new one on this


get off that japanese fk lol

Trickling Progress says:

The hair gets crazier every game I swear.

Damond Toliver says:

the only way square onix will b better if they make a new final fantasy the same way 7 is n a different story I’ll helped make the game it’s all about good vs evil n a good story with a good villain

John Hembruff says:

is this being played on Xbox? or have the graphics of the game been altered? why doesnt it look as smooth and as great as it did before?

Yato True God Of Calamity says:

I see all these fans finding bullshit ways to hate on this game, but you see I’m a simple man, who likes simple things so this game tickles my fancy…..alot so I’m gonna buy this game sense all the games I buy are always good.

SilentNova says:

I really love that they changed some bits of Noctis’s voice lines. Sounds MUCH better

giabread says:

Is it just me or is the lighting very underwhelming for a next gen game?

Roy A. BroTeam says:

Anyone else got this feeling when Final Fantasy is just an Fallout 4 Japanese Version??

quotestrange says:


Kostas Stefas says:

I feel like this game isn’t going to be good, but only visual appealing.

Mareonet says:

I….CANNOT…WAIT…TO…PLAY…THIS! Or even watch the playthrough! This game looks very realistic, as a FF game. I cannot wait to see more!

Aradea Jelang says:

My Grabby hands are tingling !!!

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