Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: E3 2016

Marty chats with Game Director, Hajime Tabata about Final Fantasy 15.

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Christian Lampley says:

Most IMPORTANT question: “Kingdom Fantasy” or Final Hearts?”

Skydog6301 says:

Should I get this or the FF 7 remake?

Vinicius Carvalho says:

Muito bom adoro

mapieremio3 says:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Exon says:

He took my hair !

Ryan Davis says:

I jizzed when noctis casted the fire spell. Or was that fira

Triple-D26 says:

Game looks unbelievably good

Screwbeard Ironside says:

That translator must be expensive

TheUnpredictableSealion says:

how can one get that t-shirt they’re wearing tho??

Oscar TheWolf says:

The best game in this year in my opinion

B Xiong says:

lol jpop kpop, japs started that hair style Long time ago with their hair looking like that.look at cloud and early animes. been waiting for a kingdom heart type game. tales series are fun but damn they look and act tooooo….but I can’t wait for this game

limi mili says:

VR 기다리고 있겠다 빨리나와랏!!

devin schmelter says:

there was a lot of freedom on ff7 and ff8 after that it was slowly taken away till now.

Boo Boo Gaming says:

I hope we will be able to play ff15 in Japanese with English subtitles.

Travis Jordan says:

what is the music playing in the background? of the battle I mean

ParkourSheep says:

Is this game noob friendly? By that, I mean I never played a Final Fantasy game EVER so will I be able to understand the things that happen in the game?

Jon Idoncair says:

I’ve been following this game since it was Versus and I remember when their translator had long hair x__x

Mason Golabian says:

One thing I am happy about though is that they’ve adjusted Noctis’ voice quite a bit. it was way to aggresive and idk cant describe it

Geralt of Pandora says:

Was never a fan of FF but this game looks awesome!

Hari Govind says:

Man that’s some nice car pushing gameplay.

Odysseus says:

Is the translator actually wearing leather pants?

Cucumber Bodybuilding :D says:

hi im early

john moon says:

just gonna ask is this single player with the other 3 characters just tagging along like followers in skyrim with you or is this multiplayer? someone please answer

Tyrell Hawk says:

Bet it’s a 10 year flop, lol.

Comic Master says:

I have never played a final fantasy game but after seeing this and hearing good things about the series I have wanted to try the games out and was just wondering which one I should start with I have xbox 360, xbox one, and ps4

rio20d says:

Omg, hats off to you Mr translator, he translate so effortlessly….

Dominique Smith says:

Can’t wait to have my Ultimate Edition <3

NBS 1203 says:

the bald translator : but I object to this game

Daniel Detloff says:

Hope that they have a meteor magic spell

Artimes X says:

So im hearing this right? Did Tabata say that Titan was one of the most earliest bosses in the game, or the climax of the 1st half of the game. I am confused.

Vedant S. says:

This looks fantastic

BP In Your Area says:

I miss the days there you’d have to fight against human bosses in JRPG’s instead of monsters that are infinite times bigger than you. :/

John Otto says:

can someone tell me where to get those shirts or if I can get them at all

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