Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Boss Fight (E3 2016) Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Boss Fight (E3 2016) Final Fantasy XV

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Mario McIntosh says:

What is the point of this….all he is doing is getting hit by Titan’s arm. Lol….what’s the point..what’s new?

actionjackson864 says:

why is titan so small?

Muda Thuka says:

I used to be such a huge fan of FF, now I cringe every time they make a new one, just gets worse and worse

papa dante69 says:

game looks amazing and dont give bs about frame rate issues which arent even noticeable through this. the game will be fine and people just want something to hate as always but i can agree that this guy playing is an idiot and it feels like its his first time playing it. anyways the silent majority are enjoying how it looks so have fun youtube cancer comments :3

Tume Kass says:

Funny how people are judging this game by this video yet they don’t know what this game is going to be like. I understand that this demo has some bugs and glitches but it’s stupid to automatically assume that this game itself is going to be bad just because the demo was badly played.

Jim Delarosa says:

do I have to play previous final fantasy games to understand this one?

SolarMidnight007 says:

I hope it will be a good game after all this time…this video is making me wonder…

Nicolas Cortés says:

well…this is final fantasy now…also why almost every game after ff6 have the metrosexual emo looking characters

game player namitah says:


pirzol89 says:

Whole soundtrack for this game is amazing.

Beats S says:

lmao all you fags trying to be a rebel, what are you in middle school? don’t get the game then lmao. we all know u fags r gonna b online during release day

Diego Brando says:

That guy sucked at this game.

iBFP says:

a boss like that!!! wooow looks like the spend a lot of time making him so I think we’re going to….I don’t want say face him but we’re going to see him many many time in the game.

Leong Mun says:

The more i seen the more i doesn’t want this same with fallout 4 bethesda was smart hiding the gameplay until the game release which suck when it release

DjimonMoz says:

I’m very hyped for this game. So I hope to GOD that this shitty demo was simply the result of Matt sucking at it.

opafritzsche says:

yes, and so a RPG goes the way, to be a fucking longly sucking brainless “Actionslayer” like Devil may cry.
nice back develepment. What a fucking shit.


Shaiye Gray says:

This comment section contains some of the bitchiest, most close minded people I’ve seen in a while. The guy playing sucked and didn’t show off the game as well as they sould have: OMG GUYS, DIS IS GONNA GET WORSE REVIEWS THAN FFXIII! THIS IS WHAT 10 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT GETS US! FINAL FANTASY ISN’T AN ARPG! My God, you people are whiny.

Jprime777 says:

This is….cringey

Ferdinand Andre says:

He’s actually a good player, until he was forced to play FF XV in XBOX ONE with Xbox One Controller.
Framerate issues can cause a huge difference in gameplay, espicially real time action rpg where you need to dodge in time

This should’ve been in PS4 E3 instead

travis bowden says:

Did…did… They just throw poke balls? Take my dam money square!!!!

Sprite Man Vuk says:

It’s not the demo that’s bad, it’s the person who is playing bad.

Grzegorz Krzosek says:

Advice to Square when you demo something use someone who actually can play the game. I really waiting for the return of FF franchise but this will not convince me and the others to buy this game it is hard to tell what is worst in this case gamplay or the gamer.

Meteor Shun says:

1. the graphic on xbox 1 look like sh*t
2. is the player noob af?
I hope it have better graphic on PS4 coz the graphics on the demo look cool in PS4

timothy john tiongson says:

the player is f*ckin noob.why did SE let him do the demo. LOL

Michael Mcalister says:

what a horrible piece of crap

Aurelie Nani says:

that was………terrible

I’ll pass on the game.

oniru12345 says:

how does this game still look clunky? its as though the game is slowed the hell down on purpose just so the devs can say “at least are frames don’t drop(only because everything moves with no sense of urgency)”. I may just borrow this game at this rate.

Kim Edward89 says:

worst gamer as I’ve ever seen at E3 !!

Duke Magus says:

Their heart is in the right place, but the body needs tempering: The battle had everything to be epic, but the camera can’t deal with a target so massive and with target parts moving everywhere.

あ あ says:


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