FINAL FANTASY 15 ENDING / FINAL BOSS – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 15 (FFXV)

NEW Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14 includes a Review and Story Chapter 14: Homecoming of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) on PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and PC. This Full Game Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Gameplay will include a Review, Story Missions, Cut Scenes, Summons, OST, Music and the Full Story until the Ending of the Intro.


Final Fantasy 15 is an open world action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S. The game features an open-world environment and action-based battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series and Type-0, incorporating the ability to switch weapons and other elements such as vehicle travel and camping.

Set in modern times but with a touch of medieval influences, the story focuses on Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince on an epic journey from his home in the kingdom of Lucis. Noctis is joined on his journey by three companions, his friends Ignis Scienta, who can deftly handle a katana in battle, a melee fighter named Gladiolus Amicitia, gun-wielding Prompto Argentum, and head of the Royal Family Guards Cor Leonis. Noctis is heir to the kingdom of his father Regis, but his peaceful life is shattered when the belligerent kingdom of Neflheim invades his realm. Against this backdrop of a world at war, Noctis Lucis Caelum and his closest friends embark on an epic journey.

Final Fantasy 15 Chapter List: Prologue. Chapter 1 – Departure. Chapter 2 – No Turning Back. Chapter 3 – The Open World. Chapter 4 – Living Legend. Chapter 5 – Dark Clouds. Chapter 6 – A Way Forward. Chapter 7 – Party of Three. Chapter 8 – Seaworthy. Chapter 9 – Callings. Chapter 10 – The Heart of a King. Chapter 11 – In the Dark. Chapter 12 – End of Days. Chapter 13 – Redemption. Chapter 14 – Homecoming. Chapter 15 – End of the Road (Used to free-roam the world to finish off side activities)

Main Characters in Final Fantasy 15 includes: Noctis, Lucis, Caelum, Ignis, Scientia, Gladiolus, Amicitia, Prompto, Argentum, Regis, Lucis, Caelum, CXIII, Idola, Aldercapt, Cor, Leonis, Cidney, Etro, Lunafreya, Nox and Fleuret.


Total Gaming Fortress says:

“oh yeah bitch im coming right for that ass” LMFAO

EBdreams says:

Thax for the entertainment Brad!!! Adventure was great and with you playing made it humorous as hell. The chicks are so hot but my best chick was the oracle i think, the one wearing black and kinda summoned Shiva near the end. It was an awesome movie. Can’t wait till you play 16!!! Next time if you have an option to take a tour in the game, take us on that tour i don’t mind.

Me says:

Ahhh the tears… I love this

Felix Tan says:

In The End They Got Married. but my question is did they got marry in the real world not a fantasy in the end? im so confused i didnt play the game just like the storyline sorry if my english is bad : ) anyway good video dude

Chred Ian Ental says:

I almost cried at the ending part ;'(..what a beautiful and touching game indeed :’).

Division0Luke says:

Love it how he made Final Fantasy 15, 15 parts

Duck Lord says:

The ending is not long enuff!!! I want to know more about the others too!! You know, cid, cindy, and others…
Where’s the fanservice ???

Suave Man says:

Am I the only one who gets pissed when he doesn’t actually play the entire game. Like he beat it without barely leveling up anything and rushed through it all. I understand how he wants to play it and maybe he rushes for his subscribers to see. But it really annoys me how he does this on all games

ShawnsEPIC says:

how long did it actually take you? you cut out save times.

NationHypocrisy says:

Cried like a bitch when I first beat this game. Goddamn you, square enix!

Jason Walsh says:

Best story game ever

Juan Castro says:

its so sad at the end




Zivin Lee says:

21:20 Keanu Reeves????

Mr.harambe Junior says:

can you free roam in this game

Peggy McDaniel, McCombs says:

You did an amazing job playing this story…I loved watching everyone and all the other video’s you play…thanks.

psy5ghost says:

its ironic rad end it at gameplay15 and its final fantasy15

Carl David Zamora says:


likeaRockNroll says:

Finally finished this game. Hehe,

Ethan Askew says:

who else was level 99 when they did this

Moonroof says:

Rad Brad you are a true blessing man, thanks for this man!!

teatime90 says:

this game was a lot shorter than expected

TheHundrethShadow 898 says:

Ffxv names translated.


Full names:

Noctis= night light (yes) heavens

Luna=moon night fleuret

Don’t know what the hell
Gladiolus’s is (might be swords).

Emil Muhammad says:

The last campfire scene, the whole game…I’m a sucker for tearjerkers. I guess I’m a bit of an emotional masochist when it comes to things with good story. This was excellent. Thank you, Brad, and blessings to you.

Jason says:

I legit cried at the end

xX sKuLLcRuShEr xX says:

wow….. every fina; fantasy ending makes me cry

Pirate King Doflamingo says:

You had a summon during the ardyn fight

Mustafa123 Monkeyd says:

Love the stand by me at the end can’t wait for final fantasy 7 remastered

Pokerush Kid says:

i hate you square enix lol

Sunset Rider says:

“Stay cool, he’s gonna bring the heat.” Did the CSI: Miami writers work on this game?

yasser alyasser says:

best game ever

tipig axekid2244 says:

how many time did you summen

Allarian says:

4:29 Any Berserk fans here who looks at those eyes and reminds them of Griffith?

DragonInferno99 Ω says:

(sigh)…. Well…….. Where to start?

Thanks Brad, for this…………..

David Piedade says:

For fuck sake, everyone dies, that sucks, noctis had potential! Hope in a future game he get’s ressurected or some shit, hate these kinda endings, you play the game, you think like it’s gonna be a nice ending, and then boom everyone fucking dies, I’m a bit disapointed really, but great game anyway

Grouchy Old Man says:

Great job and enjoyed every chapter!

Dharmendra Ashiyani says:

I enjoyed. thanks buddy.

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