Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood – 30 Minutes of GAMEPLAY FROM THE NEW EXPANSION

Development footage. Subject to change. Check out footage of three zones from Final Fantasy 14’s second expansion, including the city of Kugane, the Ruby Sea and the Peaks. We also test out the new samurai class and join a party for the Shisui of the Violet Tides dungeon.
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Di-Dorval says:

I kinda always thought FF14 looked much better. Textures are so weird.

Xillogean says:

Aight.. The player is bad guys.. But that’s not the point of the video.

madcat meow says:

that Sch dont even drop DOT what a trash

Morales4life12 says:

i like the music

Baltheos Z. says:

Wheres the information? You ran all over the map and didn’t provide any kind of textual/vocal information for the viewer. Why go to a test event if your not going to give us any information?


it looks boring and this is coming from a guy who loves all Final Fantasy games

Douchebags Refuted says:

Theres nothing more depressing than an empty mmorpg server.

Glenda Mosley says:

That poor summoner LB 🙁

Alyssa Davis says:

that was pretty amazing when he pulled that A rank though 10/10

Joe Thomas says:

buccaboo looks like a new b rank I’m guessing.. reminds me of that the enemy from FFVI in the world of ruin and terra was fighting.

Doot Dootington says:

those ninja turtles tho.

Turtle Snake says:

Like do you all play games at polygon?

Ranpuff says:

Hype hype hype hype HYPE HYPE HYPE

William Myers says:

This just made my day.

Roximus XIV says:

…Is this player for real?

Joe Thomas says:

lawl independece ray fate?

narutobands says:

Anyone else notice how as soon as the final boss died he got loot?

StarlitGeode says:

there he goes

Gustl Meixner says:

i like your video! not, for showing skills, klasses or other hyped stuff! i like it, because of showing the beautie of the new lands!

Jon Idoncair says:

28:53 limit break fail, LB2 was ready like 20 seconds before hand and they just now decided to use it when boss does their underwater slow cast skill? lmao

Chihan Lee says:

u guys know this looks the same right lol

Tyler Stafford says:

can someone upload the battle theme to youtube for me


worst warrior ever ! 😀

Neoh .Z says:

Running around with full sens the whole time and near full kenki…

Cole C. says:

Good grief, that HUD.

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