Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood – 2 Minutes of Samurai Gameplay

We give you a quick look at what to expect when playing Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood’s newest class: The Samurai.

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Casual Gamer Thrai says:

So much magic element shining everywhere as a samurai….

Mokerel2 says:

This comment section is so cancerous

CarbonRockie says:

lol at the idiots who don’t know that this is a mmo

StaticStorm Bird says:

I want FF to be how it use to be. I hate this style

FancyTophatDude says:

i love how there are actually tons of people in this comment section being shocked that this is an mmo. it has 5m players guys, it’s not an indie game or something

jeremy hardin says:

lol this is so a super HD World of Warcraft, that enemy literally stood there so much and his attack even lit up on the ground like how easy can you get

Mr.Prince says:

tell me why is this game different from all of the game that look almost exact the same play style. I see no different,it’s a pass for me

noboru furuhata says:

Basically Samurai just slash at the front and there is no movement.

Kamurocho Hadoken says:

Looks great!


Giomar Andres says:

I see a world of warcraft comment? LMAO We’re talking about FFXIV expansion samurai abilities showcase here and it’s an MMORPG for some people/FF fans who don’t know 😉

Mickey Santos says:

Samurai & old school RPG doesnt quite adds up..

FoxHoundX says:

0:27 Wow IGN Can dodge AOE’s already better then good chunk of people in the game sadly

toomanylayers says:

looks dull honestly

Tentacles says:

Beautiful. I really wish this game had a less static gameplay, I’m used to GW2, a ga e with very good combat, and I failed to adapt. Still miss some features tough, like a single character using all classes.

Apathy Reaper says:

3 second global cd still huh?

Christian Ruiz says:

I’m pisssssed

French Fryzes Gaming says:

anyone know the name of the song??

akechi mitsuhide says:

Finally Iv only waited since 2010

shane blue sky says:

how do you play such games?
are they skill based (action)?
or level based (rpg)?

MercuneoVGC says:

looks Nice And all but to be honest seem like they could make it a Lot better , im just happy that im going to be a lalafell samurai

IGN says:

The New Samurai class looks slick! What’s your most anticipated feature coming to Stormblood?

-Mark Medina

Richard Freeman says:

So is the combat system apostate to resemble blade and soul

Señor Samurai says:

I think I just jizzed my pants

Notsosmartguy 625 says:

Foolish Samurai Warrior…..

yoshreimi says:

Love it

Geralt Marston says:

Is this mmo worth?

Lehi G. Sena says:

Cool,very cool!

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