Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age New Gameplay Trailer PS4 2017

Available July 11, 2017 on PlayStation 4.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the classic FINAL FANTASY® XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system.


JameboHayabusa says:

Thanks Fran.

Alex Ramgolam says:

So 60 bucks for a game I beat 10 years ago?

Brian M says:

Lol that trailer was kinda dumb but I do love the gambit system.

RifRiz says:

what about the story? is it same as ffxii classic? (ps2)

Naduron0 says:

want it but dont have ps4 Q.Q

Waris Parvez says:

ivalice needs a new gen sequel … getting this asap tho

Andre Ivanovich says:

Shitty gambit system just gime action combat like in witcher games anyday 🙂

Slabgy says:

This is not a Gameplay. It is called an ad..
srsly who makes a top5 for that

MiiSeeks says:

maybe don’t target your ads at people with ADHD, because to the average person this is just an autistic mess.

moody person says:

is it only PS4 !!! wait whaaaat

Bruce Wayne says:

Final fantasy 12 sucked

Prince Dizzy says:

Can’t wait, this looks amazing, great to see the devs focused on Console.

Popcorn Chicken says:

Could’ve easily watched this without the stupid whore talking nonsense over the video.

Moon Door says:

After this game the franchise is falling apart…

Dree Black says:

no pc release?? useless

Pinku Mawile says:

if only they hadn’t ruined the original story to shoe horn in Vaan.

Meledyne says:

Pre-ordered ffxv collectors edition, played it for a few days, dropped it and played ff12 on my pc instead LUL thats how great this game is for me at least

RayBan Wearer says:

I was hyped already, but this trailer is so funny and well made it made me HYPEDIER!

Jorge Vaca says:

maldita pobresa :,v

GalloViking says:

I loved how I could just watch the game as if it was a movie thanks to the gambit system.
Time to take out a 50 millions HP boss by doing absolutely nothing once again!

Alister Vieira says:


Spawn Cap says:

Honestly it looks the same as the game I played on PS3.  Maybe it’s just brighter colors so don’t notice a difference between this video and my memory.  Still not sure whether I will get it or not.  Got the re-release of X/X2 and it was just too outdated in every way for me to enjoy playing through it again.

omegagilgamesh says:

Yes, I am “fermiliar” with the gambit system.

Satsuki K says:

can I just say that this was freaking hilarious hahaha

Pedro Tentugal says:

Already pre-ordered this!

Jeremy john Hall says:

sooooo they didn’t add anything new lol. if u already have the Japanese version it’s not worth buying. damn it

El Andalousí says:

Best ff ever !

Fallofduty says:

Great to be a ps4 owner this year

Claudio Rodrigues says:

whats funny is that FF7 Remake will have a combat system similar to this 😀

Erick Castillo says:

Can anyone please explain me what is all this “Zodiac Job” thing about?
I have the original FF12 on PS2 and I can simply teach/assign everything to everyone as I see convenient whenever needed and never saw like it needed to be “redefined” or anything.
Having said that, it almost sounds like the Job system actually just focuses your character on something, but loses the freedom of choice of own customization.
Is it really as limiting as it sounds?

Dhimas Adi Prayitno says:

just don’t like the ivalice-ish story, where there are bangga, seeq, nonhuman char, so uncool, unrealistic

Flesh Blesser says:

This narration is a regular cringgasm. But the video game looks doink.

Balthier TSK says:

I Can say one thing : Accurate

zikachy_vina says:

these si setting hurt me so much when kid. i was so dumb to set the ai

Hinatatg Nano says:

Fran the beeeeeest

Malystrixiel says:

#2 though 😉 Balthier in bloody HD!!!

The Hungry Troll says:

If you’re a fan of this game join my community Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

HupCapNinja says:

I’m going to be honest.. this game fucking sucked they should have Remastered both 8 and 9 not this I don’t even count this yellow piss colored game a final fantasy game. there’s barely any story the gameplay plays it self literally. I cannot beileve people are excited for just a remaster for the 3rd most hated FF with XIII and XIII 2 seriously Y’all going to buy this and get bored within the first hour like Type 0! XD

War624 says:

I wish Square would remake Vagrant Story. It’s amazing how it is, but it would be nice to play it with an updated graphics engine, and some high quality voice acting.

Juan Diaz says:

this is getting so commercial

Saffreuge says:

FFXII is a rad game, but half of this video is empty marketing bullshit

Shimmyrum says:

no 2 is so TRUE!!!!!

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