FINAL FANTASY 12 The Zodiac Age 56 Minutes of Gameplay Demo PS4 2017 (Final Fantasy XII Remastered)

FINAL FANTASY XII The Zodiac Age Gameplay Demo & Trailers PS4 FF12 Remastered

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FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the 2006 classic FINAL FANTASY® XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. With newly implemented trophies and share functions, as well as stark visual and sound improvements in true HD for the first time, players both returning and new to the game will experience a grand adventure that spans the world of Ivalice in an entirely fresh and improved way.


Lexyvil says:

Having the option to speed up the game beats the purpose of having Chocobos no?

And does anyone know if the improved stat growth increases defense instead of being dependent on upper-body armor?

nicolas pino says:

je comprends pas square enix sur ce coup là. Pourquoi refaire le pire de tous les final fantasy?
il a été elu pire final fantasy sur plein de site (autant au niveau du scénario qui est plat, des heros pas charismatiques pour un clou, ainsi que par rapport aux invocations ultra moches qui servent a rien).
donc vraiment, ma question c est : POURQUOI?

JavaTroll 589 says:

Final Fantasy 10,12 and dirgue of cerberus7 are my fucking childhood

Djoko Prawiro says:

when release the game?

country gaming says:

What’s pro resolution

McDeathmask says:

I’m gonna load this up on ps2 later.

Master Writer says:

Still shit

BowGunner says:

I wonder if this will be better than running the original emulated on PC. It’s one of those games that works perfectly on PCSX2 and it runs at 60 fps as well, with a scalable resolution.

MtMarshi says:

I really would love it if Square Enix made a “Ivalice Collection” comprised of Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. All remastered with Full hd and at 60 fps, but I know that would never happen…

Mos Eisley says:

i demand final fantasy tactics remaster for the ps4

Michael Yum says:

I would rather have one remake then 5 remaster. FFVII remake is nice and all but I secretly hope it was FFVI remake

La Flame says:

I really wish they could make it we’re u customize your characters n see the equipment change beside the weapons

Daniel Orlando Melgar Soto says:

quisiera que le pongan el juego en español como el xv

theprince08853 says:

So many memories playing this when I was around 16/17.

Gabriel Luiz says:

o jogo do felipe ramos ta mais bonito

Jack Valentine says:

I demand a remake for Brave Fencer Musashi and a sequal as well!

untitled memories says:

When is this “choose an attack then watch the avatar do it for you” horrific play style going to recess into the depths of hell where it belongs??? So god damned boringgggg

Jorgey Xamavier says:

Holy fuck the nostalgia is flooding my eyes when I saw Yiazmat. All those hours of farming to fight him :’)

Rithrius says:

9:45 Literally admitting they’ve done their best to sexualize a videogame character…

Usagi Cali says:

need 60fps

EMK HD says:

This brings back memories

Redsnake QC says:

look like final fantasy 11 offline mode cant wait to play this game

Nicholas Dutchek says:

i will beat the demon wall this time

Saruman The White says:

I use the music the most. Then the characters. Then the world.
Erm everything.

desertsn0wball says:

Can’t wait to look at Fran’s ass in HD 😀

allypezz says:

This game was ahead of its time. Came back to it in 2010 but never completed it for some reason. Day 1 purchase for me!

Vanessa B says:

I just bought a PS4 for this game

Malek Tv Gaming Live says:

Is this game open world style ? Some people say it plays like an offline mmorpg?

Milkman69ner says:

This game sucked

Dumas Jonathan says:

I demand a remake for chrono trigger with good graphics!

Christian Joel Cabrera says:

This is my favorite FF battle system. XV was too action/hack’n slash for me. This is just perfect.

Your Nightmare says:

I bought this game for 34.99……this price is good for new sealed game?

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