Fantasy Strike – PSX 2017: Gameplay Trailer

Dragons, painters, ninjas, oh my! Play as any of these in this deceptively simple, yet difficult to mater fighting game.

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omegaweaponredux says:

interesting concept.

Frederick says:

I always liked fighting games but never played them because the input always seems too difficult.
I am glad that after YEARS I finally listened. Thank you!!

O647 says:

Lmao at this niggas titties

Tryhardblackguy says:

Looks better than Sfv

KeyTech says:

The game seems nice but the animations are too static. Like it doesn’t have any form of lerping on it and everything just feels flat and plain, hope they can add some form of smoothing and acceleration to the animations to make punches feel like punches instead of just putting your hand out for a handshake

luna majed says:


Jericho Jack says:

good god this is like the fucking definition of a casual game. Wtf.

Miguel Ruiz Jr says:

Presiento que también saldrá en Switch, sería bueno, creo que encajaría bien en la consola por su jugabilidad simple, además que no pide mucha potencia

Char Aznable says:

That dude had titties.

Leo K [Rogue] says:

Created by David Sirlin, the guy who wrote this book about winning at Street Fighter;

Pretty fascinating to see so much of his insight and knowledge of fighting games go into building one.

XNTKM says:

lord knight has a sweet rack

Ali Eivazi says:


Ness Roman says:

I will definitely be trying this

yanipheonu says:

Making No Input actually have a Function is pretty genius.

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