EVERYONE IS CRYING | Final Fantasy XV September Update Gameplay

Final Fantasy 15 got a brand new update today which includes a new gameplay cutscene at the end of chapter 12. In this new update we find out the back story between Shiva and Ifrit. Also we get a new scene with Luna and it gets emotional.

What is Final Fantasy 15?
Final Fantasy XV[b] is an open world action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Being the fifteenth main instalment in the Final Fantasy series, the game was released for the PS4 and Xbox One in November 2016, and will be released for Windows in early 2018. The game features an open-world environment and action-based battle system, incorporating the ability to switch weapons and other elements such as vehicle travel and camping.

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Uriel Septim says:

You know I never knew Shiva was in love with Ifrit. I always thought they were rivals because of their elements but now I see and she can relate to Luna’s feelings. Now I know after watching this scene when I was playing. :'(

defrand14able says:

Ugh, this game was and still is so trash.

Squall Leonheart says:

This is new cut scenes I’m missing out on more story excuse me I have catching up to do (pause video)

By the way +1 subscriber good day

Cornelia Koslik says:

I can´t stop crying……..it is so emotional…

TheSoraDestiny says:

I fucking cried! Shimomura so amazing

Bahamut86 says:

The English dialogue is quiet differnt from the German version.

John von Shepard says:

Nope i still want Stella.

midorialexandros says:

“this game is like a punishment” so true. T_T

Nexus92_TV says:

What are you looking at? (Tidus)

Matthew Racanelli says:

I wish they made another parasyte eve. This music reminds me of that game.

Adam Thompson says:

I’m gonna man up and confess. I did start crying at the new cutscenes

Atelier Monstevr says:

Who’s gonna be the one to tell Japan that Eos isn’t actually a star?

BlackLeg Shanks says:

We need an episode of Ravus man. I want to see what made him change his mind.

Kim Sanderhoff says:

Is all she ever does crying about Noctis? Meanwhile the Kings glaive is being slaughtered, Regis givs up his life, Noctis is on a rampage killing monsters and Ignis is blind. Yet none of them gets over emotional and cries. The car chrashing, now THAT was sad.

The God Emperor says:

Luna dying still didn’t feel a big deal to me (but maybe those who can relate with her better do cause of personal life stuff, but don’t think the game itself does a good job) and the game still hasn’t really made the story as a whole well enough, I think. Which is a pity. And these patches kinda still feel like just patches to the story instead of a free flow.

Still, nice to get more lore for the world.

Tonton Palanca says:

I agree with one of the comments: what an additional 10 minutes could do to change the emotional feel of the story. Now the wedding ending feels more meaningful. That was the reward. They will be happy no matter what the outcome was.

rizki jyeja says:

unfinished game lol

papa franku says:

can’t wait for final fantasy 10 ending

Galen Vaughn says:

I teared up a little not gonna lie

Kevin Blissett says:

The music hits me every damn time 🙂

James Hwang says:

I don’t think you’re in the minority about your opinions about FFXV and its plot holes (which there definitely are). I think they released the story with just the bare minimum/skeleton and should have been more fleshed out

BlackLeg Shanks says:

Episode of Tears

直人未払 says:


final Hearts says:

I hate cut senses lol

Avanti ! says:

Wow. I actually felt something. I might have to reconsider this relationship.

Stephen Young says:

I realy wish i could get that emotional over this, but it still makes no sense to me, they knew each other when they were children years and years ago, this ‘relationship’ is just pushed from nowhere it seems.
Its nice they r trying, but so far its still meh to me 🙁 i shouldnt still be more sad for Ardyn and wishing his story got a happy end, than uncaring about anything about Noctis

Greatsharkbite says:

Those are some noob square enix fanboys Suzy. Pay them no mind. I saw your review and playthrough, you were 100% on point and SQUARE themselves, hajime tabata even admitted they couldn’t deliver the quality of product promised.

Aubrey Garaghan says:

damn, FF is borrinngggggg.
thankfully there is Persona 5. yipeee

Blonde Warrior says:

I love Luna so much!

killer19183 says:

if only they didnt show luna for like seconds maybe we could have cried for her

ki ra says:

Watched this scene when I was about to sleep then suddenly I felt like crying.. Damn so much feels! Loving the bitter sweet story of FFXV! Best for me! <3

Joaquin Escobar says:

Dude are you really trying to kill me-Ardyn

Jessy Birba says:

I feel more connected with my chocobo than luna (those ends of rental , always hitting right in the feels); even boss have more screen time than luna , how can i cry that she died, even with those new cutscenes ?

bcount1 says:

This is the gayest thing I’ve watched in awhile and thats saying something

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