Episode Prompto Extra Gameplay Footage

Check out new gameplay for Final Fantasy XV!

At E3 2017, we debuted Episode Prompto in a special Final Fantasy XV Universe segment live from the show floor.

We received requests to see more! Here we have new gameplay for Episode Prompto.

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Yas says:


No one says:

SE is just gonna milk this shitty title.

eleongo says:

Too much stylish fighting animations with pistol…

SamanthaPanther says:

He looks amazinggg

Fluffymiyster says:

I see they made him run rather slow to maximize going through the level…in truth, he should probably be one of the best runners in the group considering he used running to lose weight. Anyways, I hope there’s a challenge in this. From what was shown here, I bet you could go Rambo and just plow through everyone with the gun and you’d be fine. I don’t want that sort of easiness. This said, I’m playing the DLC for story moreso than gameplay but I’d still like to have fun while uncovering that story.

I wonder when this is set, though. My guess is after Noctis goes in the Crystal. He’s in too high of spirits for this to be during his time after getting kicked off the train. Which brings me to my next fear…they won’t expand upon that time. They’ll sweep that missing time period under the carpet and they won’t go into detail about Prompto’s emotions as he deals with Noctis possibly hating him. Please let that not be the case…I still love this game but it’s getting harder and harder to justify the missed opportunities the story had. But…let me not jump to conclusions. We shall see come 6/27.

MidnightFlower13 says:

Dear Prompto: Squats. You need them. That ass looks like it got steam rolled into oblivion.

Master Keeper says:

Not sure if people are liking the DLC because of the story and gameplay or they are just dying from the cuteness of a character

tre97able says:

why isnt this in the game? stop selling parts of the game for an extra price tag!

Tseng Akera says:

Prompto has hit a whole new level of awesome.. fucking “Yoink!” As he snaps a MT’s neck.. fucking hell kids brutal.

Celtic Fox says:

This leaked gameplay of the new MGS looks good,young Kaz is on fire!

Yoshi Kato says:

Looks good. However, I don’t think it’s the type of content that would excite a long time Final Fantasy fan (those who grew up with FFI – FFVI). I could see newcomers liking this DLC though.

Final Fantasy says:

Just look at all these pussies praising this crap!!!!

Tree Lemon says:

Episode Prompto + Afrojack music = Epic!

Die says:

I wish prompto would stealth kill me lol

1Sandwitch1 says:

Metal Gear Promto

bobby Seasons says:

ok crackshot and overkill are UNIQUE gameplay additions. go square!~

Elias Cunha says:

can’t wait i will buy this one on 27th! hello from brazil square!

bobby Seasons says:

3:06 Huh? A one-shotter or cit-hitter but you’re far away..? They don’t expect you to walk up to each enemy and then deliver the blow? So it’s… there’s 2.. range?
3:12 !!!!!! FUCKING COOOL.

I am seeing similar patterns of FFXV though. Lots of cool little moves, even a slide, (stealing weapons animation and mechanic looks and is boss though), lots of cool moves… no neccessary difficulty to use them. Enemies stand far a way. They don’t react to you until you’re 10 feet away even though this is a gun- game lol. c’mon fucking square.

but I guess they are just experimenting with different playstyles actually.

like the fact you can hold cirlcle in FFXV for battle… lolmfa owtf. or hold Parry/dodge.
I’m glad they’re movin up to 3d movement but c’mon guys… huge fucking train of thought and huge mistake here…

Fɵuʀth Esþɕdɕ says:

Goddamn prompto. stop playing COD.

Moonman says:

The outfit looks weird

mtallmen184 says:

Final Gear Solid XV

Orcaluv26 says:

Metal gear prompto

BeatofDistance says:

Metal Gear Bromance: Prompto’s Fantasy

Glad i never bought the randompass.

Cronos Videography says:

But will it feature the VR prompto experience they showed last year?

Cratacular says:

Final Fantasy Solid

No one says:

how the fuck did this get so many likes? they using the worst map in the game the linear map… that bolrign ass part of teh game where ur hiding from robots with a ring. yeah thats teh map you be playing with prompto in. just empty hallway’s and stairs and soem cutscene’s. i cant believe peopel are just so blind to sucking ff15 dick that they would like this l;azy ass dlc. they didnt even try to make this gameplay look any fun. teh director that made this game should just stay with handheld games cause he fucking ruined ff15. Tetsuya nomura’s ff7 remake and kh3 will rejuvinate Square enix.any games that you have to watch a movie and anime to get backstory pf character’s is just shit. teh ywere to lazy to make backstory in this game. could u imagine if we get to play out that movie instead of watching. and play noctis as a kid and a hs student in flash back’s. but no we ahev to watch it in anime and a movie. i mena they showed soundless scene of the movie fuck the game director that made ff15. idc what peopple say but Tetsuya Nomura would had made this game much better if only square enix let him have more time instead we had to wait 15 years for a shit stain of a ff15 game. the 2013 e3 gameplay of ff15 was MUCH better and it was directed by Tetsuya Nomura

Ace Fours says:

A weapon to surpass metal gear

DE WA says:

i like the fact that in the early years of the game’s concepts, they planned for the player to be able to switch between one of the four of Noctis’ group, and the idea was scrapped. now they give us each episode to play as one group member per episode.

Aneekes says:

so so

Soracell says:


mervin gatchalian says:

theres your next parasite eve gameplay XD

NaziSled says:

versus Xlll died for this? smh

Jin Shin says:

Thats right! im desperate! lol please watch my first YouTube video where i talk about some ideas i have for FF15..much appreciated! ^^

Long Tang says:

can we get a Prompto spin off?

Hitoshi Jun says:

If I wanted to play COD. I would have bought COD. Square ENIX wake up your idea!!!!

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