Dwarfs vs Vampire Counts Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report – Old World Wars Ep 11

To watch the Ogres vs Lizardmen Battle Report, go here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/ogres-vs-lizardmen-warhammer-fantasy-battle-report-old-world-wars-ep-12

Steve plays a Skeleton themed list to take on Ash’s Dwarfs!


Mariam Belacheu says:

Wouldn’t it be logical to draw a grid on the surface, so you don’t need to use measuring tape for every move.

Philipp Ruckdeschel says:

Isn‘t it so, that if you lose a combat against a unit that cause fear you has to roll a double one for the leadership test at the end of the combat???

cyberdwarf0308 says:

OMG this guy has a clutch shirt :O

SurrealScotsman says:

Why on earth did you cheat at 9:41???

You’re a cheat – this game is based on a sense of honor & you sir have absolutely none.

If it’s a game among friends then perhaps we could look the other way, but you are uploading content to YouTube & this is how you want to advertise what is a fantastic game?

Good video, but instantly earns a ‘Dislike’ for fucking cheating man…. Jesus….

Sejdr says:

Interesting reading the comments…the guy cheating is Ash from guerilla Miniature Games YT-channel 😛

Jabe says:

there were multiple instances were the camera guy cheated. I think the guy in the cap noticed afew times but didn’t say anything

Ian Rocker says:

So much better than Age of Sigmar garbage. RIP WHFB 🙁

Joshua Corona says:

2019 Anyone?

Markus Isingoma Christensen L9B Lundergårdskolen says:

These dudes got bullied in school

The Emperor says:

meh i think i will stay with total war warhammer 2

smurfo smurfo says:

9:25 first organ gun has rune of accuracy – 11:38 suddenly the 2nd organ gun has rune of accuracy and the one he shot with first has rune of forging and rune of burning :thinking:

Light of Ryga says:

The Dwarf guy talks fast but doesn’t know how to enunciate. He sounds like he’s been drinking all day.

David Morcombe says:

A better time for fantasy, much better then Age of Shitmar

Killahound654 says:

This is a really cool game. love the sportsmanship between you two!

dillon bean says:


A B Cars N’ Guitars says:

When I was a little kid, I used to watch my older step brother (at the time) play this with his friends, and I had no idea what was going on, and was too young and ignorant to ask, but I’ve always been intrigued by this. There was a spot near my old elementary school that was a dealer for this kind of stuff, as well as place to play, but it’s not around anymore.
I guess my question is, How popular is it these days? Is it starting to go away, or is it still growing?

cr44m says:

vampire cunts are scary

4ShadesoOfTheRainbow says:

Never heard of it until today when at school went into library and a teacher was showing off his figures

Freddie Duran says:

A fellow Earth Rocker, huh. All joking aside I love illustration and graphic design type art. I immediately noticed your shirt and thought it was interesting to try and look up. I did. Found it wasn’t just a random shirt but rather a rock band. I listened to what I assume is their more recent or first album. I skimmed through a few tracks and found them to fun. I wouldn’t call myself a fan yet, but I’ll give any artist a good try before I decide I like them or not. Thank you.

Cool gaming. Regardless the outcome, I still sided with the dwarves.

Slowly Waking says:

the obnoxious guy cheated, wtf.

dale bainer says:

total war hammer

Skyler Mondragon says:

Looks awsome dont know how to play

Anthony Quigley says:

this dude is having to swallw mouthfulls of saliva every 5 seconds whats going on

Steven Wintersnight says:


Dustin says:

Guy with dwarves said he had accuracy rune on the cannon on the left, then said the other one had it I think

Dan Skups says:

wtf did i just watch?

xamurai00 says:

I dont know if AR ( Augmented reality) will ever replace this kind of playstyle. The feel and look of real units on the battlefield must be what pulls in a lot of new players.

Cap Carter says:

Steve seems like a really sweet guy. Great vid.

Jay Burns says:

I wonder if this game has instants that come into effect during any turn, like in magic

Mihael100 says:

the battle array of vampires was completely wrong, flying units d ve been in the flanks and move at the beginning at the same time of the infantry and cavalry.

Жељосав says:


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