Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia – Gameplay Introduction & 23 Summons !! (DFFOO)

Finally it’s officially launched in Japan (Android/iOS). This video is about my 1st day trying this game, did the tutorial for how to play the game & also did my very first 23 summons in this video. Enjoy! 😀
Download link for iOS user : https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/dishidiafainarufantaji-operaomunia/id1117329809?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8
Download link for Android user : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.DFFOperaOmniaj&hl=ja

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Simon Lau says:

Im stuck in chapter 2 ;/ Idk how to clear the 3rd requirement for some dungeons any ideas?

Verdant Blaze says:

I’ve played both dissidia 1 and , 012 so I should be familiar with this

Юра Юра says:


Raka Tamara says:

what the minimum system needed?….. my tablet just 4.4 kitkat

ShidoLionheartGames says:

How do you record? It’s so fluid!

Ethan Oh says:

This may be cool but it will never beat the original Dissidia on the PSP

The Potato of Fire says:

So I assume it’ll be released globally around 2196?
Correct me if I’m wrong

Switch72nd says:

Hey Ushi, what do you use to record your iphone screen?

rodrigo reyes says:

cant wait for global version

Bryan Lechien says:

damn this is awesome can’t wait for it to come to global to reroll till i get Y’shtola’s weapon haha also i freaking hope that one day FFBE will make Vivi and Fran at least decent again with a 6* !


need vpn?

Gonzalo Diaz says:

Ushi is like a anime or a cartoon? he use the same clothes everyday xD

canilive Shockman294 says:

First weapon is guaranteed 5 stars

Chestnut Gaming says:

This looks interesting! I hope they do a global version.

Sorin Noctis says:

im so glad the summon is for the weapon and not the character. thank fucking god. now i can play all my fan favorites and i wont be too salty if i dont get the BEST weapon for them.

lucifer Kai says:

hey Ushi, can you make a video about how to link the data of this game?

junzz says:

hi ushi just wondering.
how did you buy the gems??
i’ll try to buy, and they said i have to purchase some app.
did you know what kind of app is??
and can you explain to me how i can purchase the gems thank you

Mr. X says:

im stuck in the 2nd world!

Kafuu Chino says:

this game very interesting , but the game review at app store is 2 star lolol
442 ratings to 1 star :0

Yudyca Putra says:

Malavar also got 5 star vivi staff. I guess it is given as starters.

giang nguyen thi says:

cloud have the dragonslayer of guts ?

Zoulten says:

Hi ushi, I think the first weapon summon using the ticket is a confirmed 5* weapon for any of the 3 starting characters. I got a 5* dagger for rem xD.

animetorr xyooj says:

this game looks so bad, lol

Simply Ravalox says:

I’m having trouble trying to get this to download. I keep hitting connect but when it’s connecting I think it gives me an error thing?

Stepdude says:

Totally up my alley. But i gotta wait for global..

Andy S says:

brave atk and hp atk is dissidia unique gameplay from the 1st dissidia and duodecim

Sean Cordova says:

Man I hope this gets a global release! I love the old school style to it and the cast of returning characters!

Brian Mario says:

this gameplay like dissidia final fantasy

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