Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Android Gameplay Review (RPG)

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a turn based RPG with vibrant graphics, developed by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. It has classic Final Fantasy gameplay, with a modern mobile game twist. Is it worth a play? Find out on Tiny Little Games. Please subscribe to support my channel and share with others. Thanks for watching and enjoy?

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Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.android_googleplay.DFFOperaOmnian&hl=en

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dissidia-final-fantasy-oo/id1282951846?mt=8


aerdon085 says:

New subber 😀 hehehe awesome

Halo Kincaid says:

Hate it. Hate it, hate it, *HATE IT!* FFOM is a confusing mess I cannot wrap my head around. What the hell was the point of _RUINING_ what could have been the dopest FF game ever made by adding that *IDIOTIC* BRV system???!

Just let me fucking attack!!!!!!!!

Like in _every other FF game ever made_ Let me just whack the guy over the head with my big, honking sword. Why do I have to ‘store’ points to do damage? That makes no sense _even_ by FF standards; it might be a fantasy, but a sword is a sword… its damage should be based on strength, or some physical trait. The idea that a fucking *FLAN* can do 1000+ points of damage is *ABSURD!* It’s just a little glob of jello!

BRV is so damn stupid! I uninstalled this game and won’t be going back. Fuck whoever made this twisted crap, mocking me with its Final Fantasy logo but NOT ACTUALLY BEING A FINAL FANTASY GAME. I’ve hated MANY games in my life, but this leve of hate is to the point I want to curse out the game programmers…

In _Babylonian_

I wish I’d never heard of this shitstorm.

Christoffer Lindberg says:

Batch Download removes those long load times:)

Isaiah warner says:

I find it ironic that everyone is enjoying Opera Omnia more than NT(the actual Dissidia game).

TheBeanieBandit says:

WHOA this looks amazing, great review Tiny

Rinvi Ventura says:

I hope Kaze from FFU is here, would be awesome to use his gun to summon!

ankkojenkohtalo says:


Carl Muir says:

Also, no stamina system! Actually pretty fun.

Edgar Larios says:

Lol he didn’t recognize the OG final fantasy main title character? Lolol

John Rambo says:

They really need to lower the prices of the gems, if they want to get a lot of money.

Logan crane says:

Who doesn’t know y’shtola from ff 14? Heh…

My name is Raph says:

The best FF game I’ve ever played.(aside from ATB,a piece of sh*t)The only game I’ve ever played in the franchise.

Mitchwok says:

Haha the Yshtola insults, she was my favourite in FF14 ARR. Great video think I’ll download if and see if my favourite FF Chars are in it yet.

aerdon085 says:

Umm is playable offline?

lex echano says:

you just earned a new subscriber. great review!

Latin Kuro says:

I was sold at no loot boxes.
And it’s final fantasy (geeking out loud)
I was playing danmemo and getting frustrated with the constant gacha cash grabs and rng.
Deleting danmemo right now !

Lucas Moura says:

3:52 hahahahha that joke earned you a subscriber

Charles Brown says:

I hate that great games such as KH Cross, Brave Exvius, Record Keeper, and now Opera are all stuck on mobile devices. I would gladly pay $5 per game to play a ported version on my ps4! But as of right now we can’t and we are only left with bad FF games on home consoles like NT and XV.

Kanna Kamui says:

I already have an idea of what my main team set up is gonna be: Terra, Cloud, and Noctis(or Tifa)

Davis Barrios says:

Unespected error trying to download the files. Anyone had this problem?

orbitaldragon says:

I just wish we could play a game like this on console.

Derek Short says:

way better than brave exvius to me

Tiny Little Games says:

What is your favorite Final Fantasy? I used to say FF 7, but 12 has taken the crown.

Teddy Chen says:

I recommend doing a batch download under settings first so that it wouldn’t have to keep downloading.

lolMARKO says:

Oh my God your voice could you not speak like you’re announcing a prize at a game show after every sentence?

AquaLady 420 says:

Shiva Rific!

Opathicarum says:

You could probably be a huge channel if you dropped the icon for your channel & the memes.
you have good charisma and it makes me want to watch.

Daniel Fry says:

Why is there that outrageous inflection at the end of every sentence…

reaper Green says:

can you walk around …?

Lucas Panelo says:

Question!!! I got a Samsung note 3 lite (hexacore, 2gb ram and android 5.1), the game just crash when i try to open it, i dont have the requisites?? kinda weird because i can download it from the play store…. (my english sucks)

Alternative Facts says:

Super nitpick, but still: How the heck do you “forget” Y’shtola from XIV? :/ For real, like what gauge is that based on when there’s a character from Type 0 thrown in there?

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