Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) – 45 Minutes of Gameplay ALL CHARACTERS So Far [1080P 60FPS]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough All Characters Gameplay 1080p 60fps Full HD, All Summons and Characters so far in the Closed Beta build.

Thanks to Square Enix UK for inviting me to the office to play DISSIDIA with them!

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Young Ake says:

Lucky piece of shit

Marcelo Carmelito says:

Porra o zidane tem a voz do naruto …

Mikael Rivacov says:

Looks badass but where are all the villains?

Gordon Lewis says:

VAAN aqnd Titty look the exact same

Juan Diego Bastidas Santivañez says:

will they still have their EX moves?like Cloud’s Omnislash? or not anymore?

sticksnstones says:

So everyone has omni-dash(or whichever one it was that was fast but didn’t let you go up or down) by default? That seems like a pain to deal with, but this is looking good so far.

Dino Jaler says:

Yay Zidane!!

Justus Levi says:

Is there still blocking and dodging?

Daniel Surya says:

Online only ?

Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV says:

Can’t wait to kick your ass in this

Char Aznable says:

Is Squall still S tier?

jack beanstalk says:

Wheres the fighting? all i see are acrobatics and magic.

omeer dhyan says:

Will there be a 1v1 mode in the game like old dissidia because this looks like a mess

Disguised says:

The gameplay is so awful ….

Deminus says:

This 3 v 3 shit is confusing as fuck and it’s just because eSports money. Fail game, nice Square you ruined again.

Nelson Rateau says:

wait, can u not chase anymore?

Dimmas Prasetyo says:

Already know all BITCH!

Tabby Scientia says:

Zidane is best characters

King Infergus Valnid Haberstis says:

Looks Vaan to the Battle, It reminded me of J-Stars Victory VS

The GreenMan says:

I was promised Ramza and I dont see him… square let me down again

Marcus Huff says:

I wish you could change the button scheme hopefully that’ll be in the final product and I hope you get to actually customize your character

Arnau Gómez Del Campo says:

This design of tidus is just soo cool and at the begining of the video i saw that the animations of the carachter selection are the same

Alikhon Mamatov says:

Kefka is the best

Dre' Plays says:

so its j stars, but with ff characters

arsetothem says:

Looks cool, but I think I’ll pass (that’s from a final fantasy fan)

Xaldin fash says:

why is this in japanese??? if i wanted to watch jap VA i would continue watching the countless other vids that have been out for 2 years already…

Kyle Annen says:

I really want to like this game, but I feel like I can barely tell what’s happening on the screen. It’s like there are so many effects and characters that it’s creating a mess, especially for people like me who don’t fully understand the game mechanics yet.

xDestroyer 1000x says:

Nice video!!!

Saint modoru says:

Guys i wanna ask something,
is this 3 vs 3 ?

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