DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT – Jecht Gameplay Trailer PS4 (2018)

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Jecht Gameplay Trailer PS4 (2018)
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espada9000 says:

Yessss!!!! FINALLY he is revealed at last.

Rain says:

Whooping ass on Besaid Island.

youtuberjimmy says:

First my n words

mushra50 says:

finally a real masculine man is in dissidia final fantasy

DanteLive4game says:

looks shit waste of time ,, come on make final fantasy x-3 with good old turn by turn gameplay ,, this is so much shit they making this game like dragon ball lol,, how in the hell tidus and jecht fly i dint see them wearing jecht pack hahahaha

bentep0511 says:

Dude was OP on the first game

Amber Shepherd says:

Geez no wonder Tidus hates him. What a whooping!

Mohammad Rafly Aditia says:

jecht is remembering me with tojo’s teacher on Beelzeebub anime

black broly says:

So nobody hates thats that floating effect homing charge

Kleigen says:

Hope to see Rinoa, Seifer, Auron, Balthier and Caius

MforZorro | Movesets says:

Jecht was so broken in the PSP one.

dadkwashere says:

The moment you went to the Japanese trailer and posted there but don’t know what anybody is saying

るま るま says:


sparky 357 says:

Yes! Now im just waiting to see golbez and im buying the game!!!

Agnus Almeida says:

A New way to fight or DBall style?

Kai Sakuraba says:

I still hope Yuna steps in like she did on dissidia for the psp it be nice if she comes back so we could have the 3 of them and maybe, maybe add Seymour as Yuna’s enemy?

Kataclysmic22 says:

So… are we just beating up his kid?!

Vhal Cabugayan says:

Uhhh, no one rants about Seymour..

mootang says:

These wall carries are insane rofl

hihibye2324 says:

I’m still waiting on Tifa

Wesley Frank says:

Looks like I have a 3rd reason to buy a ps4 now

Tom Stellar says:

Mah boi Jecht is back in action! And it looks like they’re keeping his Brutal Blitzer combo mechanic! HYYPE!!

dense nito says:

Lets just say, i use to be a whale. Then some little DICK HEAD comes and goes, whee whee whee, and fucks it all up.

TheRealMarkSY says:


Alexander Ivanhoe says:

It was expected, every main villian (almost all) is going to be in the game.
BTW, haha…Jecht is awesome!

dasfdsfa fsdafsad says:

Where’s Ariana Grande though?

Alexander Ivanhoe says:

I wonder if there will be English VAs.

Chips Light says:

“I love my son !”
– Jecht, probably never.

John Blake says:

if its like this its ok.I dont like the one where there are 4 characters on the field.Its soo confusing.

oyvinator says:

what is it about ff characters that flies lately??! i know they defy gravity from 7 onwards while executing attack/limit breaks, but not between attacks.. fuck.. its looking more and more stupid

The Doctor Is In says:

And my main is here! Time to spend an entire year learning his timing again!

RaginDXDemon says:

And now I wish we had a Final Fantasy X prequel with Jecht…. Sigh

Victus says:

Glad to start seeing some villains.

sora says:

I’m I can’t to pre order this it’s going to be epic!

DynamicUrufu. says:

Now for Gabranth.

Christian gamer says:

We need Azul and King.

Fear Over Faith says:

So are we just gonna ignore that he lost his nips?

Lp Alcantara says:

🙁 wanted cloud of darkness

headache42 says:

I don’t see him charging his attacks at all. Would be a shame if they took that out. Was good for psyching people out and breaking guards.

sinfulltears says:

God Jecht is so daddy.

Kelvin Martinez says:


tyrell frederick says:

In the PSP version I always had a hard time figting him. My revenge will come soon lol

Spektra Phantom says:

Badass himself is back)

Steven W. Hunt says:

All alone, cold fields you wander
Memories of it, cloud your sight
Fills your dreams, disturbs your slumber
Lost your way, a fallen knight

Jeffrey says:

i named my son as Jecht, i know when he grow up he will be address as Sir Jecht!

Rafael Nunes says:

o papai chegou rsrt

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