Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gameplay: Cloud Versus Terra

Final Fantasy 7’s moody hero takes on the Esper from Final Fantasy 6 in a no-holds barred battle.

Special thanks to @JordanGBoyd for manning the controls!


SephirothgeneX7 says:

Was hoping it was terra from kingdom hearts 🙁

OmenBoy says:

Way too much shit on the screen.

Marcos Nicolas Amoroso says:


Krazy Wolf says:

I only get a splash image and sound.

Jaylen Davis says:

The movement looks slow, in the PSP version it looked a lot faster.

Dante E92 335I says:

this is FF12 combat system influenced by kingdom hearts. It’s a lazy outdated design.

Defril Prihadyansyah says:

these people doesn’t even update lmao
First they already changed the HUD a little simpler, also if you want 1v1 , go ahead, but i bet it’s gonna take a lot of time to rework 50 characters gameplay to suit 1v1.

Aamra Kamran says:

Combat is intense but this video is garbage.

MarluxiaVI says:

Kinda was disappointed in the gameplay when I played the beta, it feels really slow

and compared to the dissidia psp/vita versions the controls felt really weird for me

Klamy Dia says:

The best part was literally the victory sequence @ the end.

shampants says:

im glad im not the only one going around the comments trying to answer complaints

DOAN FSD says:

Hmmm, well the lack of quality in this video will speak a lot for the review I’m sure.

t-bone007 says:

3v3 multiplayer?

Jaghancement says:

This game is far from slow if you know what you’re doing. Cloud is a vanguard type, which is the slowest type of characters. Also he’s not doing things like dash canceling out of successful bravery attacks or dashing/target switching efficiently at all. Not to mention playing against bots, so there’s no team work or complexity at all in what the rest of the players are doing. Check out high level gameplay from Japan if you want to see how the game is really played, especially an assassin character like Tidus or Jecht if you want to see a faster character. (search ‘クリスタル DFFAC’ in youtube or look at my channel)

Shawn Williams says:

Seeing terra in modern graphics makes me just want ff6 remake even more

Benjamin Aguilera says:

My only complain is how obnoxious the screen is with all those bars and numbers, i get it its suposed to be all flashy and stuff but how many bars do you really need on screen?

TheSilverwolf689 says:

Sigh the video needs to be redone. This footage is not at all proper representation of what the game actually is like. Go check out the Beta / Arcade footage to see what the game actually feels like

mangasaint says:

Title says Cloud vs Terra… doesn’t fight Terra the whole match.

GameSpot says:

Who’s your favourite Final Fantasy character?

One25 says:

lol, you guys are judging the game based on the fact that the dumbass behind the controller doesn’t know how to play the game?

Aamra Kamran says:

Mate, watch players from the beta play dissida. The gameplay is fast paced and very intutive.

adam prestidge says:

This game looks terrible

gavin .l says:

Is this game coming to swicth

Keon Ross says:

This guy sucks but it isn’t all that surprising since the game isn’t available in the U.S.

Ace says:

Looking at this gameplay, and right now, I’m thanking GOD that this game has online play…

Christian Michels says:

What is this game? Not the new remake right??

FinalFantasy188 says:

Can’t say cloud vs terra it’s not even a 1v1 match. They really need to add other match types instead of just 3v3

Brian Brown says:

Fighting is kinda slow. Hope it’s faster. I’ll still get it though.

michaelal20 says:

The nostalgia rant out years ago, all that’s left is a terrible fighting game

BacKLasH_' SoR says:

This is on very very very easy ??

Remy Dolce says:

wow this is another reason people in the industry need to know how to play games

George Houliaras says:

This comment section is garbage. Dissidia is amazing but of course i wouldn’t except the shitty casual sheep fanbase of Gamespot/IGN to understand. Enjoy having no opinion you fucktards zombies.

Cameron Beach says:

Okay, if you’re going to play Dissidia, might want to get a veteran in from the originals to show some good gameplay, and not look clunky. Also change out that hud, they have fixed it ya’know. Just saying you ‘Gameplay’ looks like someone who just buttonmashed from another fighter that is nothing like this one went to play this with the same logic.

This game is good people, Look before you leap to conclusions!

inclanjr89 says:

ten years and this is the best they can come up with. I prefer turn style than this

RDF2050 says:

I can’t stop laughing at the people who whine about the game without even trying it first.

cc monkey says:

when the title doesn’t match the content.. Terra who??

I used to be somebody Named Ramirez says:

Can I play as Necron please?

jakisz says:

Who else clicked thinking Terra, from kingdom hearts?

OmegaReviews says:

Whoever gamespot had playing the game is rather shit at the game. Get someone who plays on a higher tier for fuck sake

donniegirl12 says:

I’ve always wanted to get into the FF series but have No idea where to start! Anyone have any pointers?

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