Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – First Impression of Golbez Gameplay (PS4)

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT open beta is live! WOOT! Opening our online gamplay match first impressions WIIITH…. Golbez gameplay! What are my thoughts on him? His skill set? Abilities to reap angus in the arena.

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Tommy Rawrs says:

The game is fun but its not as fun as the first 2, i really think that the game isnt as responsive as duodecim and i hate the controller scheme it really screwed me up while playing. i do feel like they couldve added more features in the game but i guess they wanted this game to be more esports like which i dont like, but idk its an ok game maybe ill buy it a few months later

KonohaXV says:

So no ones gonna bring the frames in this video? Man, everyone is blind…

S.Harv18 says:

oh shit, I want that hat

JLC_Light says:

I hate the 3v3… it gets so messy and laggy at some points. I miss Dissidia 012 lol

LC says:

Wtf is up with the game screen?! This video is out off control, barely watchable Pez…

Kaze Vongola says:

I like the game for the most part, it is fast it is fun and it looks amazing, but it has some MAJOR issues:

– The camera, or rather, the lockon system is dogshit. Totally unresponsive, especially when it comes to targeting crystals.
– The loot boxes (god forbid we had a triple A game without them) are incredibly scarce (and barely ever give skins, i got 1 after opening like 10 boxes) and obviously going to be available for real money, thus making it barely optional. Shitty move for a 60$ game.
– Locking characters behind a paywall is P2W which i look down upon greatly. So no its not as bad of a move as EA, it is however just as bad as trash like Capcom. Just to be clear cosmetics are fine, characters are not.

Probably gonna wait for a sale as this game in no way deserves 60$ at its current state. Things may change in the full release, but I won’t hold my breath.
Also, inb4 fanboys: “You’re just entitled! Games are expensive to make!” and other autistic excuses.

Dale McClung says:

Golbez is the only character that I can even do anything with. That being said I hope there is more of a comprehensive tutorial than what is in the beta. I played it and was still confused as hell about what to do.

Swagsuke Uchiha says:

This game feels so cluttered

Brian Brown says:

Honestly golbez is too slow for me.

Franky Keney says:

This game is actually wack. I was so hyped for this game, played the beta and was like, “What’s this shit?!?”
I’m pretty sure they took/changed out all the core fighting mechanics of the previous Dissidia games

Also, this 3v3 concept is the icing on the cake. I was hesitant about it but I kept my hope up that it wouldn’t change too much to how previous Dissidia games played… Wrong, so wrong. Fighting in this game feels so messy

Sigh, This is a party game now

King of Hearts says:

Downloaded the beta and Y’shtola is my main. I hang back and assault the Assassins while my teammates catch the follow up.

s a b r i n a says:

Okay I may sound stupid but do I have to pay monthly as this is a multiplayer game?

Force0fWi11 says:

Game looks like shit. Moogle Advice seems cool, though.

The Cosmological Constant says:

I want to like this game so much, but its such a big mixed bag. I have a bad feeling about the online mode’s lifespan.

bananabatman says:

Pez how do you feel about certain characters not being playable in the beta cause they’re in the game in of line mode ex kain sephiroth and tidus

mrtoolegittoquit2 says:

Can you play with friends online? Coop? On release day? Or nah? Any news?

OwtDaftUK says:

I had a quick go of this after doing all the stuff in the basic menu of the tutorial and i won my first match entirely not down to me. after that it was purely my anus been ruined. I think i would like the game if I am able to get good at it but until then it’s very frustrating.

ZorroLoco says:

Damn fine, Pez!

John Amekin says:

Any comments on the DLC characters that were teased?

Douglas says:

Me to moogle: Shut up, Kupo!

alkysaur says:

That hat is dope.

Born2BeSmart says:

What kind of controller u use? Thats not a default ds4 right?

Miiks says:

What a clusterfuck

Salar Kholghi says:

I don’t know jack about Dissidia. I just love Pez!

eric s says:

I have a feeling the annoying moogle will drag the overall score of this game down a point

deathsia says:

2:38 HAHAHAHA!!! I felt the same way!XD I literally shouted at my screen: You need stfu KUPO!XD

Royce Jose says:

Pez looks like that “goofy guy but destroys women in bed” type of guy.

Smash 456 says:



J R says:

i want Wakka or Auron to be in this game

Wade W. says:

What’s up with the frames? WTF

Tara White says:


Maxys says:

Golbez is very satisfying to play, you’re like this massive dreadnough that keep shooting some heavy artillery magic, so good!

But yeah you’re right about the “blaming yourself” part, in this kind of team based game and in Versus Fighting in generals, you must lose the habit to blame others if you want to become stronger. Remember that you just can’t, despite arguing and complaining, change the way your teammates play. Amphasis on how to improve your play style and think about what you did wrong and what could have been better from your perspective. And always, ALWAYS think that you still have something to improve. The moment you think that you are so strong it’s not your fault anymore is the moment of your downfall.

Hope to join you in the field of fantasy soon Pez, keep up !

Rhaenyra Reigns says:

GolPez. <3

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