Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Exclusive Gameplay Reveal – IGN Live: E3 2017

The first look at Cloud and Lightning, battle footage, and costume variants in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

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MaikoXSekai says:

Someone gonna double team me with Ex moves i just know it

Luna Shechren says:

idk what’s that summon sysyem how they made and thinked.

Evelyn L. says:


Dark Hero says:

As Much as I love 012Dissidia and praise it to be one of the best Fighting Games Ever(!) this does not convince me…
+ I like the Impact of the Attacks. it looks smooth and full of power. typical for KoeiTecmo
– I hope the roaster is gigantic too. all i ve seen were classic already known characters + Ramza, miqoute sorceress and Ace. No Noctis or any side character like Zack, Vincent, Seymour or a even generic Red Mage were shown.
+ Arranged OST s
+ i ve read the HUD is costumizable, hopefully also in size, so i guess thats fine
– but by all the fanservice, there is almost nothing left of the skill based Fighting System of the past Dissidia s. To me it just looks like a higher budget “J-Stars Victory Vs” with Final Fantasy skin.
– Lightning only got two Jobs left (RAV, BRE). means no Healer-Job and more casualized -> leads to a much more casual Battle Royal Fanservice
– Lack of many (maaanyyy) other Summons with different effects (ASIDE FROM DAMAGE!!)
– no equipment management was shown. only mini job choice that effects your stats in battle
– 3vs3: looks so chaotic. only effects. you dont realize when one of your mates or the enemy gets knocked out. it just happens till someone wins.
– they already released skins for the most popular characters… does that mean you sell it with fanservice argument and that the game has nothing but battles??
– And then you have 3 CoOp and then dont put Monster Battles in?!?! no team vs Morbol, Behemoth or Zu action matches aside from MMO XIV. put it in in some sort of Online Labyrinth mode just like 012Dissida, ideas are welcome and possibilities are there

All in all its nothing but pour graphics and clashes. Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Berserk (Warriors), Attack On Titan (Warriors). some of them even may sell well but now Final Fantasy Warriors ?? … i m not amused -.-
in direct comparison to the Sort of Game 012Duodecim Dissidia is and Dissidia NT, NT stands no chance against something so filled with Final Fantasy Soul you may never get away from it.
Therefore it was Arcade before it just proofs that this game has only quickaction with no further deep battlesystem or any innovative or even conservative ideas that makes the game worthfully called a “Final Fantasy”.

Lonely Lobo says:

yes thank you

KinPiza says:

why no noctis?

OperationDEEZ says:

A Dissidia game! And even better: It’s *NOT* on the PSP!

Ray Starz says:

I hope they add Rikku

SubReikoPy says:

I hope this game gets to the EVO too…

grahamhsu says:

I had the chance to play this in Japan last year at the Arcade’s. One of my favorite games there, spent many yen and hours on this game playing Tera.

Dave Edgar Rule says:

Split Screen please!!

Moses Tall says:

Gotta respect Damon’s interviewing abilities and experience. That SE guy was not an easy guy to have a flowing conversation with but Damon managed to keep it entertaining. Kudos

TheSickslayer says:

Where’s Ramza though?

Ash the Raccoon says:

3v3 online play


Sheikzer0 says:

there better is a leveling system and character customization like in 012

Carlos Garcia says:

Fantastic! 😀
Take my money and let me play this in 2017, pleeease

Yunis Rajab says:

What about 1v1? That was the best thing!

Amos Taruna says:

btw wut yoir fav protagonist mine is cloud strife

Holo The Wise Wolf says:

I wasn’t too sure if i should get this Game but now that I’ve watched this I really want it, I think it looks really fun to play. Even though HUD is huge, it doesn’t bother me to much. If I can play as my favorite Final Fantasy Protagonist, Terra Branford then I’ll be soooooo happy!!!!

TheKira708 says:

Really hope Sora and Noctis are playable

Rapha John Dela Cruz says:

So many stupid FF7 fans wanted zack fair/genesis or tifa. Actually there are a lot of FF characters who deserved better than them. FF7 is overrated where characters were not very strong actually and too plaincompared to others.

Kaleb Carter says:

They already messed up Dissidia by allowing only 1 HP Attack…They could *AT LEAST* give us a 1v1 mode… :/

BelimaiSykes says:

Is it just me or would this game play make more sense if gundam themed?

Tensolin01 says:

Where is this area they are fighting in…. Has this guy ever played a FF game in his life?

Tony Alvarez says:

im just hoping tifa is still in the game. literally all i care about

King Harry says:

I’m so hype for this game!! I know they said that specific 1v1 was for demo purposes but he also said they couldn’t go into detail on all the game modes so hopefully they include a 1v1 online game mode so you can duel your friends.

Literally Hoi says:

Lol at this rate Noctis in this game is going to have better combat than in his own dedicated one. You know the one lacking good animations, deep gameplay, no feeling of crunch when a hit lands.

Lendell Bethea says:

they took away lightning’s media change compared to psp

Aaron teh says:

no ex mode ?

S Strett says:

Why did they put the worst character from ff12 in this game

Pat Saiko says:

Lol Ifrit looks like someone from Warcraft here.

sokumo tanaka says:

Come on final fantasy 9 reps!
come on!

rodney harris says:

i would like my boi noct or nyx in it e H e

BaguetteOfDoom says:

Very excited for this but the maps are a bit disapponting. The maps on PSP were all very different and required a unique playstyle

OroCrimson 2 says:

I was a fan of the other Dissidias but I won’t be picking this one up.
I loved the first two for their RPG mechanics and single player value.
Multiplayer was fun but was far from the focus.
Taking it and just making it a 3v3 arena fighter kinda defeats the point for me.

I know other people will love it even more this way, but it’s just not for me.

Jonathan Ramirez says:

I played the other 2 games on the psp and loved them! this one looks interesting and Im beyond excited that theyre bringing it back but the gameplay… idk looks kind of messy and complicated but we’ll see..

scrvntr says:

small hat

DTPandemonium says:

I wish they added a 1v1 mode. 3v3 is fun and all but you can just get ganked or something.

ar ultimate gaming says:

where is noctis

2ndvenus says:

34% of that screen, is HUD ……..

Yunis Rajab says:

Noctis and Ardyn?

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