Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Cloud Gameplay – E3 2017

New gameplay featuring Cloud Strife on the PlayStation 4 facing off against a Warrior of Light.

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Sullivan Proteau says:

:O we can load cloud spear ? OP

Nickson K. says:

mais que porra é essa? voando!

TJACS says:

So, since Cloud was in Sm4sh… does that mean Mario will be in DISSIDIA NT?

TheGallantRayku says:

the HUD is nice and organized, if you play mobas or mmos you know what a cluttered HUD is

LumberArbiter says:

Can we just get rid of the stupid gameplay and graphics? All we need is the hud.

thegamingtrader says:

Why the Final Fantasy IX music in the beginning?

Duffy Steffanni says:

Does anyone know how many moves each character has, and are all the basic attacks cloned or distinct. In other words do all characters feel the same or nah?

Brandon Vinall says:

That new “One-Winged Angel” though!! 😀

Duffy Steffanni says:

The hud makes me wanna puke in my mouth. :<

Ravi Sankar says:

So there’s no Ex-Mode and Ex-Bursts?

Rui Vieira says:

1:56 There’s frogs in Paris, jingle bells, ham and cheese, there’s frogs in Paris, jingle bells, ham and cheese, SEPHIROTH!

Master Keeper says:

They need to decrease the hud in the PS4 version, we need more visuals than bars and gauges like the 90s

Gleaming Dawn says:

IS THAT THE KUJA THEME!? I love that song so much!

ABrosPlay says:

why is all of their name “nameless”?

Jay McTeague says:

I think I’m in love.

TJ Thomas says:

This looks good but I can see more room for clean up/improvement. I would like it to look more like FFXV or Kingdom Hearts please.

Sily Ninja says:

So fire emblem is dead, I feel like breath of a he wild has a competitor. But nobody ever played fire emblem anyway

Daimler_Stool says:

HOL’ UP! what’s the purpose of Dissidia games??

Final Fantasy = Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts = Final Fantasy + Disney
Dissidia = Final Fantasy + ???

Daijon Banks says:

Lol. The HUD probably looks better in Japanese.
You won’t be able to understand anything, so you won’t be passing attention hard enough to get destructed from it

MarioSinglePlayer says:

FF fans… Educate me. What was that song at 0:40

Chris Taka says:

It’s good to know that every Final Fantasy character can fly

GetLikeYeezy says:

in my opinion that hud is just WAYY TOO BIG!

Junko Zenovia says:

And I just noticed that Cloud’s JP Voice is the same as Griffith from Berserk

Andreas Michael Design says:

is there any defensive game to this? Just seems like a brawler where the first person to attack gets the hit…

Cain Lupus says:

Brings back memories, looks like it plays alot like the old dissidia too

MisterNobody2012 says:

Presumably that’s also what FFVII Remake will play like.

XFLOWERS24 says:

This game reminds me of a a old game that was on the play station, like a smash brothers but for final fantasy

bro lars126 says:

……. is it a ff or a dmc? Frankly disapointed….. it’s an error of game, the license ff really died after ffX

Harvey Dent says:

There is to many crap on the screen

Kareem Codling says:

you can have my Gil

Aaron Ogle says:

Are EX bursts still a thing? That’s the one thing I haven’t seen from the original yet.

Dr. Killjoy says:

I wish they just did a graphic overhaul and left the combat exactly the same way as it was back then in the original. This combat system looks so annoying…

Punk-Kaiser says:

Not cool at all…..*likes*

LoneMercenary36 says:

Please don’t let this stay undubbed.

meteor22 says:

Cloud looks amazing. But the gameplay seems like you do a LOT of chasing after just a few hits.

Ryoshin K says:

HUD is so cluttered you can hardly see anything, and fighting looks cumbersome

Light says:

my body is ready for a final fantasy fighting game

EJohn says:

Am I the only one whos waiting for O+O+▪(octaslash) attack?

pavma7 says:

without the hud the game looks awesome

Darius Downs says:

Where is Omni-slash?

inasexymood says:

Half the screen is HUD. Bye.

Greg Bradley says:

Is this a fighting game or what is this? I don’t get it.

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