Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: 2 Minutes of New Cloud Of Darkness Gameplay

You might remember Cloud of Darkness as the final boss in Final Fantasy III, now take control of it in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: 4 Minutes of New Golbez Gameplay:

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MrWalker242 says:


super snake says:

Is she from ffxiv too?

Kenny3821 says:

I hope there’s a way for me to turn the Moogle off.

Siege Arkade says:

Baited by the thumbnail lol

ray148 says:

Too much kupo, kupo.

Jonas Alhashimi says:


iilham Himself says:

I ship Laguna x Cloud of Darkness

RyuujinLetum says:

I love the mog voice being helpful but oh my god kupo… you’re so annoying kupo…

Veer Pal says:


Defril Prihadyansyah says:

Too much , kupo

Transform Gamer says:

Kupo Kupo Kupo Kupo Kupo Kupo…..

ItMAN says:

Who else thought it was Kaguya from the thumbnail?

theandroidsoldier000 says:

We know why you all here…

A2 says:

Her Cloud of Light costume is glorious

Defril Prihadyansyah says:

N A M E ‘ S

A2 says:

That moogle’s voice is annoying

Adam S says:

Who else came for the thumbnail?

eazyjeez says:

I want 1v1 like back in the day when PSP was a thing

Sanoj Shrestha says:


PhatMac Pilla says:

Leg cramp!

Destructus 86 says:

Did she forget to put her clothes on before battle?

Bhanu rekha says:

Review doki doki literature club please!!(like if you agree)

terr yin says:

another must-buy game

Nigel Eustace says:

I feel like this game is going to disappoint.

Jin Kazama says:

Something tells me that this will have incremental updates in the span of a couple of years.

onlyforrent says:

mmm I was expecting more..

majorxadamska says:

That’s Alexis Tipton’s voice right? She seems to be doing all of Laura Bailey’s Japanese characters these days. Not that I am complaining, she does a good job.

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