Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Gameplay Trailer @ 1080p HD ✔

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New gameplay trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

During a stage event at the JAEPO trade show at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo, Square Enix just announced a brand new Dissidia: Final Fantasy game. This time around it’s an arcade title.


Giorgo Halk says:

Πωωωω ρε!! Της πουτάνας γίνεται!

emmsnake says:

Whatever happened to this coming to consoles?

Dee Thomas says:

why didn’t they show bartz at the very beginning with everyone else??

The Boner says:

3:51 damn it Cloud your stealing Ikes smash pose XD

majinshenmue says:

Didn’t know Terra had a different name in Japan

chocobo says:

Tina.. Is terra :v

Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình says:

Hey haters. This combat is more beautiful than FFXV, so it’s better right? Right? (Come here after the FFXV hate comment ion Lost Soul Aside trailer)

Aoba Seragaki says:

I still think the psp version is better, it includes more characters.

Fan XD Square Enix says:

The characters never looked more beautiful, Tera/Tina is the babe

DAXX HEX says:

2017 or pc

James G Lox says:

Where the villains at

Lumine usher of the new generation says:

2017 ps4 version so i can have noctis please

Joordy Dreams says:

Why No type-0 char XD

NYX says:

It wasn’t really that epic, I mean, the trailer at least. And, why are the names of the characters are different? Hmm…

Mikko AUF says:

I want Noctis and a Sora cameo, that’s all I want. Because I know almost every single main character will eventually be put in this game.

Iqomuddien Muhammad says:

where’s yuna :(…… where’s tifa :(……..

shane blue sky says:

why vincent isn’t in any dissidia game?

Ani Drums34 says:

So when is this game coming out for console

hugo reveles says:

This is just a remake of the real dissidia

Jaymar Rodriguez says:

Fuck This!!! NO Vincent Valentine, FUCK!!!!

Bottom Glass Cinema says:

I’m a little concerned at the lack of villain footage in these videos. So far it’s mainly been the hero characters. Also, though this game does look amazing I’m a little worried about the look of the levels. They all seem to be big flat open areas. One thing I liked about the previous games was how the levels were all over the place. You could climb towers, run up walls and find different ways to attack from ALL angles. I’m HOPING there will be some of that still in this game. Honestly, I want those same kind of levels only larger and with better graphics.

Abyss Walker says:

unfair … why they bully Zidane?!?! he’s good ya know

Willie Wyman says:

should i feel bad i dont know everybody in final fantasy

Nova says:

lol TINA Branford? 😀

NoxTheRegicide says:

Team Chaos???? I WANT MY JECHT!!!!

Minato Arisato says:

Imagine if Chocobo, The thornberry, and Magic pot were in it as summon? xD

AT Productions says:

Look, its nice to see the protagonists back (and some new ones, hopefuly Noctis) and all, but, couldn’t you just add a bit more characters, like in 012?

I dunno, Vincent, Snow, Celes, Rinoa, Auron, Fang, Vivi, Yuffie, Rikku, anyone? Or heck, even guest characters from other Square games, like Sora?

Terrencethetitan says:

…must have…

JohnnyStyle300 says:

wait…so this is just arcarde? No story mode? D:

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