DISSIDIA FFNT! Japanese Release Gameplay

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has just been released in Japan! Luckily I have a copy to play through. Let’s take a look at the story mode and all the new things added to the full release!
There is also an English Beta starting on the 12th of January for all users on the PS4!

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Andika Yudianto says:

Can you 1 vs 1 in custom mode ?

cdmadahan says:

Is Garbranth in this one? I loved him in Duodecim

IMRavnos says:

I love how they took boring FF characters and made them fly and than decided to charge more money for the full roster. Crapcom would be proud.

TheHeartyGeek says:

Soooo no 1v1 in free battle? Or just with anything??

Edgar Soriano says:

How big are the game files?

Octavios Reaves says:


NinjaSlayer996 says:

Nice kow, keep that grind up.

T Daniel Morris says:

Hey Lemon. When the Beta comes out i’ll gladly help you in some fights, bound to be better than an AI here.

tifa huynh says:

who are 6 dlc chars??

JimGeorgeBaker says:

This is almost like Gundam Versus. Hopefully this will get a PC release.

Cloud Strife says:

You download the full game?

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