CRAFTING SURVIVAL FANTASY RPG | Solace Crafting | Let’s Play Multiplayer Gameplay | S01E01

Intro – Solace Crafting Gameplay
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Solace Crafting Gameplay Information:

)Solace Crafting is a crafting and building heavy survival RPG focused around building towns and summoning NPC townspeople. We are sent through different dimensions questing for a way to defeat the corrupting hatred that is spreading throughout the multiverse. With an open class system, open-recipe crafting, open-recipe enchanting, modular building, defensive structures, town management quests and rewards, distance-based difficulty, and an infinite game world, players are free to move and quest at their own pace. With an uncapped leveling system you can try to push further than anyone ever has. You can try and make the ultimate sword, staff, or anything, thanks to complete control over all recipe settings. Build massive towns full of NPCs not limited by physics-based construction. Seek out rare enchants and exotic resources in the elemental planes. Find a way into the heart of the demonic planes and face hatred head on to jump-start the next phase in evolution for all of creation.
• Solace Crafting Gameplay Features:

Once you are surviving it’s time to evolve. Build resource processing and crafting facilities to create improved weapons and armor. Leveling up your professions levels up your recipes and allows you to unlock new recipes and crafting abilities. Our crafting system is quite unique, allowing even the creation of custom sets. I definitely recommend you watch the (slightly dated) video on player crafting available above.
Role-Playing Game
Once you’re armed and ready it’s time to push back against evil and it’s minions. Level-up and develop your character using an open-class system of evolving skill trees. Mix melee, ranged, magic, and heals however you like. Skills are being designed with fun and visual uniqueness in mind, not minimalism and strict balance.
Solace Crafting
Once you’re capable of venturing far enough away from the core shard where you start, it’s time to start crafting your own solaces. Crafting and placing a solace will allow you to instantly return to it from any other solace in the world, letting you choose your own points of interest. Be careful though as the further you travel in any direction, the more difficult everything becomes. In order to level up a solace you’ll have to defend it from waves of attackers that will try and stop the procedure. Build static defenses and summon NPC guards to help protect your solaces during upgrades and town quests.
You can download Solace Crafting from one of the following official websites.

Download Solace Crafting from the Steam store here►
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Solace Crafting Trailer can be found here►
• This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.


Bradley Hook says:

Yessssss first

yassine fgk says:

thé last day on earth beter why you quite

Irrelevant Gaming Channel says:

The game has potential and i am interested in it but im afraid it will be abandoned midway… Ill wait a little while till it gets some more updates then we’l see…

ImFrelled says:

It’s looking good. I say yes to more.

Bartholomew Macaluso says:

@20:00 look like a monster in top left of screen, maybe a stone creature of some kind.

Doom Slayer says:

happy Easter!

Dominique Parker says:


Matthew DiSalvatore says:

Looks like a good game.

W1se0ldg33zer says:

Let’s Play Multiplayer Gameplay in the title. No multiplayer yet. lol
You’re fired! haha
Good to see someone has the right idea for what makes an excellent PVE survival game. Usually the really good ones don’t have multiplayer. You have a lot of problems with loot spawns on busy servers. Plus public multiplayer is usually massively toxic. A never ending amount of hackers on a multiplayer game that devs usually end up ignoring.

Shadow321 says:

not gonna lie, this game looks horrible..

lordmech says:

looks VERY interesting can’t wait to see more.

Perseus775 says:

So basically this guy doesn’t like realism

Larry Parish says:

Great video. BTW if you are tired of looking at character backside use your mouse scroll. Splitting items right click and drag on item to empty box and continue clicking until you get what you need. Bought and am excited about it.

samuel barr says:

this game looks epic i cant wait for more!

Lefteris Mplanas says:

22 views and no likes ? Here have one!

Black Monk says:

Yes, interested in the game. Please do continue.

kaltormh says:

Please do a stream interviewing the developer. I will be buying this one.

Ian DeRp says:

Oooh another series!

General_Fail says:

Yes more please, That looks interesting

Allen Johnson says:

I just purchased this game based on this video. I found you can split stacks by first clicking on the source stack to pick up the items and then right-clicking the destination. Also, right-clicking a stack will move it in and out of furnace or storage.

Michael Hale says:

looks like a good game, will return when it has a little more substance XD.

Bob Bob jr says:

Yah kage lets go

sunmen95 says:


ChrisCoco says:

Nice ass, Kage!

James Gordineer says:

It looks good so far. Btw, mana in every game I’ve seen is essentially your magic stamina. Casting spells drains mana, and mana recharges slowly while you are not casting.

Jason Wright says:

Looks promising. I think I will check it out. $15 to get it and help development is reasonable.

Chef Kevin says:

I’ve been thinking of this game as well

Aceshi Byoch says:

WOW…. This seems soooo involved, but that’s a great start!

Vulcan8742 says:

Can’t say for sure, but if I had to guess, id say the 3 larger bars are health, stamina, and mana. In that order from the looks of it.

Matthew DiSalvatore says:

I’ll continue watching videos on this. Might buy it.

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