CERBERUS BOSS FIGHT | Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Brand New Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition contains current season pass content, new game modes, dungeons and more. FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION and FINAL FANTASY WINDOWS EDITION will feature,

Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins – all-new side quests and enemies such as Cerberus and Omega will be available through the expanded map of the Crown City of Insomnia. Players can also take on a battle with the Rulers of Yore

A fully-controllable Royal Vessel boat, expanding the world of Eos and allowing players to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissia. Players will also be able to fish aboard the vessel and discover new fish and recipes

A new accessory that can activate the new action “Armiger Unleashed” – players will be able to unleash powerful attacks while the Armiger is summoned. After collecting all of the royal arms, players will be able to find an accessory in an unidentified part of the world, enabling access to Armiger Unleashed

A new first-person camera mode, allowing players to experience the game from Noctis’ perspective

More than a dozen pieces of downloadable content including weapons, Regalia car skins and item sets


Archive – players can review the “Cosmogony” stories scattered throughout the FINAL FANTASY XV world. Additional local myths and legends will also be placed in various new locations. Through them, players will be able to obtain more information about the world
Quest to obtain and Strengthen Regalia Type-D

What is Final Fantasy XV?

Get ready to be at the center of the ultimate fantasy adventure. Enter the world of FINAL FANTASY XV, and experience epic action-packed battles along your journey of discovery. You are Noctis, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, and your quest is to reclaim your homeland from the clutches of the imperial army.

Joined by your closest friends, you will take the wheel and experience a voyage like no other, traveling through the breathtaking world of Eos encountering larger-than-life beasts and unforgiving enemies. You will learn to master the skills of weaponry and magic, channelling the power of your ancestors allowing you to effortlessly warp through the air in thrilling combat.

Fresh faces and long-time fans, fulfill your destiny and experience a brand new kind of fantasy.

Enroute to wed his fiancée Luna on a road trip with his best friends, Prince Noctis is advised by news reports that his homeland has been invaded and taken over under the false pretense of a peace treaty – and that he, his loved one and his father King Regis, have been slain at the hands of the enemy.

To gather the strength needed to uncover the truth and reclaim his homeland, Noctis and his loyal companions must overcome a series of challenges in a spectacular open world – that is filled with larger-than-life creatures, amazing wonders, diverse cultures and treacherous foes.

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ScotlandSlag says:

Wow I’ve been waiting to fight Cerberus since the movie came out and I saw him, Orthros, and Diamond Weapon. FF8 is my favorite in the whole series, with Cernerus being one of my favorite summons/bosses! I had to stop the video so I can experience this myself. Thanks Suzy, you rock!

timotee05 says:

jesus the feelz, ppl who will be new for ff series/ffxv will be in for a treat if they buy the royal edition

Blake Berry says:

Not impressed at all.
This would be fine if, oh I don’t know…you actually had to put any ounce of effort into anything you do.
It may look cool but holding down O for 4 minutes isn’t what I would call fun.

Secret Medicine says:

Is the original FFXV upgradable to the royal edition or do you have to do RE as a seperate purchase in full?

Fendera says:

how many new bosses are there?

Felype 13 says:

Suzy the new bosses are after ifrit go for it

itsNobu says:

I heard there is a lot more content added for this game, about 15 hours is what some of my friends say so I am really excited to buy the Royal Edition! Btw this video was really entertaining and fun, you should continue this Royal Edition series! Oh also you can switch between characters now! Search it up if you want to do it because I forgot lol. I AM TOTALLY GOING TO REPLAY THIS GAME WHEN ALL THE DLC COMES OUT!!

Samet says:

How ya get the royal Edition?

Jeremy Coleman says:

Epic Cerberus boss fight!

Remy Dolce says:

is this only on the royal edition?

Scared You says:

I thought i completed the game when it first came out.. guess it came trough with more content lol

Rumuel Nathanael says:

Yeah… I’ll wait till the royal update is free. It’s not fair.

DarkNight 23 says:

Keep being awesome suzy and don’t take crap from no one

Nathanon Sremukda says:

Wow! monster hunter world’s new update looks good. )let’s hunt Ceberus <3
wait..this isn't MHW? :v

MasterMind says:

That was beautiful.

Ozair Chishti says:

Make sure you fight Ifrit and enter the citadel. There’s a really cool surprise waiting inside.

Ultra Instinct Goku says:

Amazing going to download this on windows 10 so Epic

Munakata Reishi says:

When is this new dlc/expansion gonna be available and how much will it cost?

Andrew Schock says:

How much is the royal addition dlc, and is it worth the money?

3 seconds later the most epic cutseen in the entire game tells me yes.

Advance Ray says:

So cool and I love your videos

Venen says:

Have you found armiger unleashed yet? What do you have to do to get it?

DakonBlackblade2 says:

What exactly was added to this game, is it just the DLCs plus extra stuff once you reach Insomnia or is there extra content on the world pre Insomnia too ?

Rafael Menezes says:

Complete a Arminger e tenta upar para o nível 120 , Aí a sua experiência de Gameplay vai ser muito melhor !

Jeramy Goffney says:

How U get it

The Crimson Box says:

All hail the gods of Eos! That bit was fantastic. Loved the fact luna is getting more screentime too.

ookam96 says:

wtf this is amazing…

Decimate the Soul says:

How much will the update be?

Simo says:

Seems like they have expanded a lot the Insomnia map, with a lot of new stuff in it. It will surely give a bit more of pacing to the final part of the game, and some new story elements. Still I hope they will add the new dungeon in chapter 12 where you stop near Shiva’s corpse. For now is exclusive to the Pocket Edition of FFXV, that would help a lot to reduce the weird sense of rush of those chapters!

FURognar says:

By the way, HOLY COW at that glam shot at the end of the video. Lookin good!

Gameslayer 9000 says:

Awesome stuff

FURognar says:

I’m going to do my 2cnd playthrough after all the content has released. For now I am going to hunt for that Armiger Unleashed and then finally take on the Menace dungeons and the Rockagong, er I mean the Adamantoise.

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