Blacksmith Simulator First Look – Swords, Axes, & More | Fantasy Blacksmith Gameplay




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deltor 12 says:


Mr. panda games says:

I’m a real life blacksmith

Colt L. says:

Gerard Butler would be proud… (guy from 300).

John Elish says:

The cap is called the pommel

Scott Cooley says:

Do more

Cody Montey says:

It is funny how when he cools the sword, he doesn’t have to worry about warping it when it goes in to the oil

Makana Rivera says:

You have to hold the thermometer there. Don’t let t go. Just get really close to the fire while holding it and wait

L. Sandrin says:

Real cool game

Andy Preston says:

This game is absolutely shocking, load of rubbish. Good concept but jeeez, so bad

Chainsaw Aardvark says:

Do you need to temper the blades after grinding?

goofu says:

fake blacksmith

Ariel Burshteyn says:

I have never been the first comment before

The Cool Gamer says:

The shield at the beginning shows ur a templar.

Captain Cancer says:


Pijus Strockis says:

Your games broken

agentorange153 says:

I’ve done it for real (but for industrial parts, not swords), and it’s NOTHING like the game!

Aerosfilis says:

I get this is a game but there is waaaaay to many stuff wrong in there 😡

Ruben James says:

Jeez, just kill me already. Really like your vids, but this is like a Jiffy-Lube sim.

tengu190 says:

Have you make your own charcoal, mine iron ore, and smelt it. Then refine the bloom.

Saden says:

Am I early or what

Tigerstripes120 says:

Boiiiii fust I was subed when u have 27k

Agrippa Maxentius says:

This is so cool!!

Indiana Hoofs says:

the end cap is called a pommel ;D

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