[Beta] Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – Cloud vs Noctis Gameplay (o ̄∇ ̄)=◯)`ν゜)・;’


Jee Cee says:

the gameplay… somehow its looks like gundam…

Dan Arthur says:

well, this is alexandria ff9 terrain, so u might say that SE may do remake ff9

Eye Of The Sword says:

Hmm. The depictions of Cloud with and without the ability to fly is really inconsistent across the games/movies/comics. Is he cannonically capable of flight or am I missing some part of the lore where he achieves the ability?

C-Red says:

I know this is the beta but there is such a thing as a little too much. theres so much craziness going on during gameplay that I don’t even know what the hell is going on or who’s winning.

John Louis says:

I want Zack Fair >:(

Dark Pegasas64 says:

I wonder if you can have the option to have 1v1 battles with the cpu instead of 3v3

Daniel Williams says:

Unnecessary hud why couldn’t they just do kingdom hearts type stuff with it

Edogawa Entertainment26 says:

Thats alexandria city from ffix.. am i right?

Eliel Ruiz says:

cloud all day. but squall is more badass is is ally and enemy OP

Eliel Ruiz says:

yeah is they do ff9 remake before ff8 ill die

Paracetamol Girl says:

Dude, the poly differences between Noctis’ face and literally everyone else’s has me weak every time.

Veux Liberté says:

Am I seeing Sorceress Edea (from FF8)?

Diky Wahyudi says:

Is this game only 3v3, or there will be 1v1 mode ?

GaleKagura says:

Isn’t the beta supposed to start in January 12? Or the closed beta back online? OR is this old footage?

The happiest sad panda says:

Cloud vs Noctis with ffx battle theme made the fight a little better

John Louis says:

Who’s voice is that 0:31 cute voice xD

Kitrex says:

ponlo en extreme we esa madre esta facil

hakuryu says:

Please be a co-op story mode… Or split screen battles

Thomas Eric says:

so there’s Squall from the Toon-deck, Edea casting Bio, music from FFX and (anyone noticed yet?) the town square from FFIX. S.-E. realized there is no more brain left in Japan anymore, capable of telling a grand story, so they just take all the FF tropes and thrash them in a mixer.

Andy Howl says:

I really hope this game will have couch co-op!!!

McKenzie Amond says:

I just want to play vincent valentine in one of these games but they seem keen on trying to forget about him 😡

Noctis Kami says:

Squall is very powerful and cool but fans only lile cloud

UniRabbit Neopolitan says:

Which one will come out the edgiest

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