All new gameplay of Final Fantasy XV from Gameinformer

Hi! in this video you can see some old scenes but above all, new scenes from the game informer’s april coverage.

all right reserved to square enix, game informer and guardian soul for his amazing work!!!


Jonathan Leano says:

Did anyone notice what Cindy said regarding a wedding? Didn’t know this before!

otakuveritas says:

all those rumours about playing the villian are true! look at this guy cut in line at 2:44

Emo666Cali says:

did I just see Carbuncle, Hell ya!!!!!!!!!!*

allen prosper says:

I like Western games but these days they look a lot like girls vying for a guy’s attention by doing the freakiest, nastiest shit they can think of. I’ve grown kind of tired of the pointless atrocities in them that don’t provide anything for either the plot or gaming experience. It’s refreshing to see a game that looks good and fun to play without the truckloads of sex and torn flesh, guts and blood dumped on my face in a desparate attempt to make me drop my jaw.

Brett Glasco says:

This looks boring. I’ll just wait for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Woblbaughs Jiglesak says:

Grand Theft Final Fantasy.

deviltan85 says:

noct so handsome

Mohsin Bukhari says:

Check out guys this awesome description of Final fantasy XV

Tawleyn says:


Looks fun as fuck.

Kalnareff says:

Do you get a gameover of you break your car?

Noctis Kami says:

I hope you can travel to other different place like final fantasy 7-10 with an airship at the end of the game. Not just flying car around the field.

Allen says:

Mech fight and doing  group attack on it was cool and the missile dodging to.

Not The Triggerman says:

You know when you just know a game is going to be great? This right here, GOTY 2016.

TANK says:

The only possible problem I could have with this game is not having a female character on the team. It not a deal breaker though.

RedElm747 says:

Music’s cool and the graphic seem like they’re gonna be airtight. Some of the designs could be better but whatever. The rest looks boring asf though. That was hilarious how they started by pushing a car.

StarCharzer says:

5:01 what kind of subliminal message was that?

Yadev K says:

Wow… these guys are really bad for the environment.

Candra Delvano says:

Damn its look amazing

Thrall Mall says:

Definitely going to get a platinum trophy on this one

BasedDisciple says:

Can a nigga get a pc release though? This game would feel amazing at 60fps

Páchi Rain says:

the summons look epic. can’t wait.

Randy Jones says:


lavaskater says:

They weren’t lying when they said this would be Final Fantasy, but modern. The wilderness resembles earlier entries to the series and the Diner/shops are what you would see in an urban area, while most of the towns so far look like the later entries like 12 and 13. (I wonder if the critical health limping will get annoying though)

Ryan C says:

The game does look epic but i wish they made a game with the same feel as ff10, which was my favourite in my opinion.

You're dead2400 says:

Oh my god I need this in my life right now

Kazuyuki Aoyagi says:


suprqt says:

Anyone have any fun little guesses as to what the orange gage is?

Also, why does the episode duscae area look so bad now?

EDIT 1: It looks like the orange gage is used to issue commands to your bros.

EDIT 2: My guess is that they are using an old version of the Duscae area to show off the game at a descent framerate until they find a way to make the actual area easier for the systems to handle. The water tells me this as it looks like nothing.

BaDUM Tsss says:

holy fuck how can you doge that 12:02

Travis Claytor says:

this doesn’t look bad but id rather they just work on the 7 remake

Ti7Vk3y says:

@ 8:00 Where the fuck is he putting the gas?!

ronuss says:

I really want to like this game but apart from the music it doesnt feel like a FF game at all. The combat looks like a newish mmo like BDO or so. The fact you just play as one guy and have no control over your party even though you fight in a party seems really odd. The graphics are nice, but holy balls the frame rate is just terrible, and if the demo is anything to go by it also has input lag on the controls as well.

Chris B says:

Shut up and take my gil!

fndrn8 says:

fallout 4 and witcher 3 looks better than this.especially on a highend pc. not sure about the gameplay either. whats up with the superman actions?

F*** My Life says:

GotY anyone? This game is gonna run circles around Watchdogs.

architecture - angelo 07 says:

i want to play this but i cant afford to buy a ps4 console

fndrn8 says:

Just don’t remember any characters flying around all the time in the previous ff games. You prob haven’t played the witcher 3 on PC max settings.

latiosLai says:

That titan looks so real

Orlando Perrone says:


UncleShal says:

Like your footage I did a reaction to all the new gameplay in this footage for my YouTube channel just to let you know.

PenguinsAreColdish says:

i fucking need this game I FUCKING NEED THIS GAME I FUCKING NEED THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ade ariyo says:

scene combat from E3 2013 more epic than present

Ikr Mister says:

Characters is exquisite 😉 Graphic is pretty good .

Tetrahedron IX says:

Yeah all I saw was a bunch of wilderness? Where are the damn cities, looks like garbage, a story about 4 emo look a likes riding through the desert. Whoopi-do►

Jonathan O'Connor says:

This is the best squere enix can do in 10 yars!?!?! this fucking emo game!? Man….

kashifbilgrami says:

the whole games a fucking cut scene DAMN

Chika Okechi says:

Okay, but really. If Square is really dedicated to this fast-paced action rpg combat, they (like a lot of devs) need to take a page out of Dragon’s Dogma’s book. Like…I can’t believe I’m admitting Capcom ever did anything right in their lives, but seriously. If your gonna give the PC mobility, it needs to be true mobility; it’s very simple in that every input should have a direct output. Really shouldn’t be needlessly long and complex sequences to execute complex actions that are just highly scripted animation loops anyway.

And I hope you can turn off the UI battle displays, ’cause all that shit…it just gotta go. Too much mess happening on the screen.

Rain Tuato'o says:

Final Fantasy XV….hah….more like Final Fantasy Animal Cruelty.
i mean in all final fantasy xv demos you always see the player kicking some random poor creature ass to a pulp.

rupin kanet says:

I hope that they fix the shitty draw distance, this gen is a curse

1XSilencer says:

Fuck why cant it be september 30th already, i want this game so much, been playing uncharted 4 and overwatch but fuck i cant get this game out of my head lol i just hope battlefield 1 will calm me down alittle. But other than that really stoked for this game

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