ABM: Splatoon 2 Splatfest Gameplay Match !! Sci Fi Vs Fantasy !! HD

Sci Fi vs Fantasy Gameplay Match!! it gonna be epic, fun & excitement on Splatoon 2!! Lets see who is going to win this awesome match!! Be Nyappy!!

Find out yourself which ABM Gangs are gonna join!! Totally gonna be fun & awesome to watch!! Be Nyappy!! *SUBSCRIBE* for more ABM fun joy videos & our voice support acting!! Thankies!!

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game King says:


Kirby fan gamer says:

Cranky salty

Isaiah Ockimey says:

Angi, did you know that Daisy in super mario run, that game in Android and iOS? If you know, show up in the next walkthrough of Super Mario oddssey and say about my comment.

Ral Mac says:

I wanted to see iggy and silver to be in this splatfest

Isaiah Lovelace says:


Megaboy x says:

the funny part was 44:20-44:24

Jaybone Wilks says:

Do skylanders imaginator walkthrough

Princess Warfare says:

i vote for team Sci Fi

Jayden Ameer says:

The moral of the story is don’t mess with baby mario

alex Miracle says:

Ok I’m all fire up now but black Yoshi is here please hit him

David Williams says:

I love this channel

ShadowLuigi says:

I vote for whatever team Spyro’s on!

Wolfy The Wolf says:

well blaze the cats back and so the the cat’s out from her hat but how long untill the time that silver will have to tell blaze how he trully feels and they get to become boy friend and girl friend i think we waited too long also cranky kong when an old man looks behind them selfs twich they will get hit on the head with a stick and this is true

Jaliyah Crowder says:

I’m on Team Sci-Fi

Eddie Strickland Jr. says:

Yes. first Maria the Hedgehog is Back in ABM Episode Shadow Video and Now Blaze the Cat Is Back in Splatoon Video as a Team Fantasy The Sonic Gangs All Here FANTASTIC!

Kirby fan gamer says:

Team fantasy all the way

Juan Pablo Lucas says:

This Channel still doesn’t have 1M Subs, what do you people have against ABM, that or just the Sub box is broken (it is)

Kirby fan gamer says:

All around me are familiar faces Worn out Places Worn Out faces

jesse roach's vlogs says:

Team fantasy

Ely Harrison says:

go fantasy woo hoo yeah

Jonathan S says:

What about Mario rabbids kingdom battle they have secret chapters and season pass and the ultra challenge pack and challenges

DrowningCat says:

Team Fantasy all the way

josh devel says:

fantasy is best


Omg im just suprise that cranky Kong is in action holy smoke

Isaiah Lovelace says:

You got schooled by baby Mario old man

All star hero Character says:

Everybody like you grakey long sorry I can’t spell your name

Stephen Angamarca says:

I’m in Fantasy team, and I won

LL X says:

When is the next Splatfest and what will it be

Bubby823 Yoshi koopa master says:

I hate fantasy

Javier Ronald says:

Is Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon are friends??

Aidan F says:

Can you put the inklings and jr in the next video pls

I hate my Cousins says:


Kirby fan gamer says:

Even though I

TheChamp Productions says:


Isaiah Lovelace says:


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