90 Minutes of World of Final Fantasy Gameplay (Launch Day Livestream!)

World of Final Fantasy releases today! And Ash can’t wait to play! So join us as he shows off the first hour of this whimsical Final Fantasy spin-off!

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RichardGaming says:

Lann kindda sounds like Sonic The Hedgehog

Michaël Dupuis says:

Weird but.. I would like to see more of this game if you have time one day!

Thirty says:

Why are you talking so much?

Andrew Howe says:

that floating thing breaks the game before it even starts…… what in the hell does it add “the” onto words??? its sounds disgusting

rosario79able says:

Does anybody had a problem I put the code in to get white chocobo I don’t see it ??

Favna says:

Makes you the-wonder how these FF games go so much under the radar as the-opposed to other FF games such as 15 and 7 remake. I literally never heard of World of Final Fantasy before this stream.

MicroBreaker YouTube says:

this is basically a rip-off of Pokémon -_-  !!….

vs says:

looks like a tech demo

Angeal09 says:

Will you guys be covering the entire game, or just this intro walkthrough?

zach miller says:

Lightnings in the game

NIklas Felder says:

I have the-decided to buy the game! Is it the-released in Europe yet?

spindash64 says:

“I’m sorry lann acted like such a royal idiot”
“I’m not royal!”
Yep, it’s official. Lann is just me. Or I guess I’m him? I don’t even… I mean what is this, Final dimension Lanntunia?

not!Quacksely says:

Why is everyone on power rangers levels of bodily control?

Posh Jerkins says:

this game looks so incredibly boring. all that time could have been spent developing the vii remake.

Truth Hurts says:

Too Kiddish for me

Michael A. Robson says:


Glassman823 says:

Talking during NPC dialogue is so grating on the nerves. Please stop doing it.

rob1610 says:

14:45 I think someone was trolling you, Ash. Lann is NOT Trevor from GTA V. Lann’s VA has done a fair amount of roles, most notably in Marvel and DC games and cartoons, but his closest roles to this would be young Hercules in the actual movie and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and additional in Lightning Returns.

23caterpie says:

I tried downloading the demo on my pstv. It downloaded but wouldn’t run. That would have been the first game I bought specifically for it lol.

Christopher Rommel says:

Will you be live streaming more of this game. I really enjoyed your commentary

Stray Arrows says:

Will you do the whole game? When will it be published?

WILD says:

Welp Tama is the new Navi

Solaire of Astora says:

The new Kingdom Hearts spin off looks pretty good.

Guy Geva says:

I hate so much when time rewinds prevent death, although the characters remember everything that happened, including the death itself

JS says:

game for 10 year olds

Sraye says:

And he wakes up on the beach, just like Sora did at the start of Kingdom Hearts.

Haru Blazerunner says:

dude u talk to much during gameplay

Ace in the Hole says:

You forgot to mention that the second part of “Lilikin” is from the word “munchkin!”

Arve Eriksson says:

OHdeargod, there’s Chocobocolina in this game! RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIVES!

OmegaVexx says:

i can hear them

Jonathan Robinson says:

Lann’s outfit looks similar to sora’s new outfit.

rob1610 says:

1:12:24 Well, I’m not a Final Fantasy fan. I thought a good starting point would be X/X-2 HD on PS4 and am looking forward to XV, but this also looks pretty good. This video was the final convincing point. I can look at all the gameplay, dungeons and battles, as much as I want, but the story is also a huge selling point and the story looks really fun and interesting despite me barely knowing any FF characters in this game.

Oh, and yes, I will backtrack. I plan to get IV, V and VI at some point since they’re like the SNES RPG remakes on DS I got into years ago like Dragon Quest IV, V, VI and Chrono Trigger. (Which I can’t believe I missed out on the first time they’re all that great.) And obviously the VII and XII remakes. I’d hate to offend anyone, but backtracking to the blocky PS graphics is pretty hard for me personally and I only really thought of getting into the series around when these remakes were announced.

matt pennington says:

Why does this remind of a Classic mario rpg game With Final Fantasy Sprinkles on it? Would it be Strange to Have a Mario & Luigi X Final Fintasy Rpg in this style?

ian says:


TheLegendOfSora73 says:

Wow, they look almost EXACTLY like Kingdom Heart characters, but with updated graphics. Is this how the final product of KH3 is gonna look?

Alberto Roman says:

Garbage Real Garbage game !!!!

DragonJarvis says:

Best entry point in final fantasy is 3 or 4 in my opinion.

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