9 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Creed Festival Gameplay

Check out some footage from this unusual crossover between two mega franchises.

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Dertheante says:

FFXV in a nutshell: GRAPHICS and lets throw random stuff to make it even more random than it was

Dusk Maiden says:

where is naruto !?

cfbcfbcfbcfb99 says:

Great Square do this nonsense and delay ff7 remake a little more.

Scott Whelan says:

The two most milked video game franchises have a crossover? Ugh.

Skyler O'briant says:

I think the movement and parkour look better in this than origins lol

Surya raghavendran Muth krishnan says:

Since when did Ubisoft and Square enix become friends ?

Mardy Crue says:

Oh my god it’s like a horrible fan fiction…

Trustworthy Traitor says:

This is strangely actually really great o_o

Riese says:

fuck this and the invisible walls

Tj Coley says:

I’ve been sold my copy and still upset they won’t give any dlc story like there’s not gaps or things players wouldn’t know unless they did extra research

Jaxel MS says:

Ubisoft: Free crossovers! Free crossovers! We’re out of ideas and need money! Free crossovers!

Nintendo and Square Enix: Did someone say MONEY?!

BP says:

Why’s this even a thing o.o?

Jamie Miller says:

This game has been such a fucking disappointment.

Sheepen Neepen says:

I wan’t this on FF XIV pls.

Stona Raptor says:


Arthur Balbao says:

but… why?

ayush yash says:

this is awesome

Drakon Orkan says:

im sorry, who asked for this? I asked to create some liberation gameplay to take back insomnia with the hunters.

fratyify says:

man whens this gonna come to pc so i can play it

Jonathan Gerardo says:

Why? Who asked for this? When?

GameSpot says:

How do you feel about Final Fantasy including Assassin’s Creed?

ExxotikSub says:

Better then origins lol

volclaire2 says:

I don’t get it
What is the purpose of this dlc?
Is FFXV now becoming a platform to endorse other IPs in order to stay relevant?

Craig Riddoch says:

Square Enix needs to get their s*** together I’m looking at this trailer right now and it seems to me that Square Enix just doesn’t care about Final Fantasy franchise anymore Final Fantasy Assassin’s Creed Festival and let’s talk about Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition on an iPhone for God’s sake and you know there’s people there’s people in this comment section thing oh no it’s this brand new game it’s this whole new game with all new levels and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah no it’s not it’s the same game I cannot believe looking at this trailer today this is insulting I am very disappointed in Square Enix decisions somebody needs to talk to 10 saying tomorrow and where were at it let’s talk about Hajime Tabata the main producer on Final Fantasy in case you already have not noticed this is a call out to Square Enix I am calling out Square Enix because I deem it necessary what you are doing is wrong I don’t know who at the studio made this happen I don’t know if it’s the producer I don’t know if it’s the director but whatever the case maybe somebody needs to understand there are billions upon billions of fans of the series I have never been as disappointed in square-enix as I am now

GameOMetric says:

As hilariously unusual as this is, I just remembered that this wasn’t the first time that there was an Assassin’s Creed x Final Fantasy Crossover, since you can get Ezio’s Revelation robes in Final Fantasy XIII-2 if i remember correctly.

Big X says:

Whats this weeaboo shit

Avrham Wassa says:

Now noctis is officialy sasuke

That one guy in the back says:

When you realize Noctis has a PlayStation

Tad Carter says:

How to stock up on salt for the winter. Step 1. Try to do anything differant from the norm when it comes to a fandom, think outside the box, or even attempt to add something from something else. step.2 be sure to replace the buckets of salt every five minutes or a mess will incur.
And thats how you stock up on salt for the winter. This guide and others like it apply to many things such as anime fandoms aswell, but be warned, doing so to an anime fandom may produce more salt than wanted, be sure to have large enough containers.

Gamebro says:

I cannot believe Final Fantasy is fucking dead.

Joel Walker says:

Wow, it is not even the good Assassin’s Creed getup. It is the new stuff. Mixing awful with more awful.

hithummah says:

one franchise takes all the time and the other releases entries after entries, but they all share the mediocrity.

Kenneth Kenway says:

this makes me want to buy both games even less and I don’t even plan on buying any of these 2

edwin serrano says:

It’s actual pretty fun but still incredibly stupid.

Techmobbin says:

I don’t know how I feel about this

redpanthervp says:

Complete bullshit that it is running at a stable framerate.

Zephyr Weiss says:

wheres the music?????

Krion says:

If everything is permitted then nude mods on FFXV on PC should also be okay right?

Draaxus says:


MrVader75 says:

Do I need my characters to be on any particular level or will this event just scale me up? Haven’t played this game for quite some time now but this looks really worth coming back 🙂


the comment section is t0xic

Rafee Shahin says:

I think I’ll stick with 12.


Kingdom Hearts festival would have made a lot more sense

BoomBopPaladin says:

Didn’t we kill loqi?

soul calibur says:

People will always complain it seems

RadioactivePrincess says:

Thanks Ubisoft for paying lots of advertisements money to square so that we can play this DLC for free, yay!

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