What You Might Have Missed in the Combat Gameplay Trailer

An amazing gameplay trailer that showed off the combat in Mass Effect Andromeda was released earlier today. We are here to show you what you might have missed in the trailer.

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RadientNightmare6661 says:

The Black Widow is coming back!!!!! Yeesss! THat was my favorite weapon in ME3!!

Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington says:

new trailer came out today! it says it’s about characters but it’s really not. we learn more about abilities and classes though

SkyB says:

I want my prothean rifle back

OwenGriff33 says:

The smg and the mattock that they show are from me3 and Cerberus used them, so if this takes place before me3 then Cerberus must of given the prototype weapons to the andromeda initiative.

manuel gramajo says:

thanks you for rewinding ryder part like 30 times thumbs down and no subscription for the bad joke

Jimmy Sannhetsverd says:

This is a nice mix of sci-fi elements & fluid motion action that I see people enjoying in sci-fi quite a bit these days. This game definitely puts together a well-balanced system of skills & team-work based gameplay. I’m a big fan of environmental hazards, really keeps you on your toes out on alien planets.

TheBatfink38 says:

I know it’s probably common knowledge. But i’m putting it because it’s what I took from the trailer. When the character uses the jstpack and hits their head it might mean that the jetpack is a free movement tool and not restricted to certain points like grapple hooks in some games. Just thought I’d say.

George Washington says:

The game looks like it has Division-Like Ai. They just stand around and take bullets

MrBurtbackerack says:

Just find some “blink and you’ll miss it” moments with dat ass comparable to Miranda’s – then i’ll sub and like. That is what mAss effect is all about.

Edit: 6:09 rougly is some mAss effect.

Derrick Haggard says:

The environmental hazards will definitely be a unique feature that’ll you have to take account of when fighting. And I think Da Xeel could be and this is just my guess the leader or a member of a heroic Kett faction opposing Archon and the Kett that he leads and the reason why I’m guessing that is because it’s been confirmed that not all of the Kett are evil along with that one of the supposed main plot points is inner turmoil and conflict amongst the Kett.

Winthrop The King says:

this series was awesome, glad to see it keeping up with the times while retaining its own iconic style

Kylethefish says:

anybody else think that the animations for the ability’s looks a little funky?

Knight 77 says:

please let there be dual wielding swords or some other other type of melee weapon. it would be so badass.

Jason Woelfel says:

C8 = Cerberus team 8.

Robert Knight says:

Near the end of the trailer you get a good look at the Explorer profile and can actually read what it does. I’d love to hear what you guys thought about that profile or if you’ll save it for a later video.

Zachary Kuhn says:

Tempest door opens when sara uses it for cover at 50 seconds in.

nedep837 says:

when you were talking about the new pull there was something under your logo it said life support system low. Also where you were laughing about ryder hitting her head the temperature rose too high. This planet could be like that one mission in mass effect 2 where you rescue and recruit tali and the sun is dangerous.

MadMongol Metalhead says:

Do Xeel sounds like an an awful lot like a Quarian name to me…

Andrew S says:

Sarah Ryder is cute.

Spartan Dusk says:

3:16 black dude going hulk with double omniblades

Roy Mustang says:

Sounds like Kackis.

Thomas Bilder says:

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Asher Flanagan says:

My one and only regret: this game comes out so close to Horizon Zero Dawn! My poor wallet!

Chico Azevedo says:

This engine is beautiful.

Joshua Williams says:

Why hasn’t anyone wildly speculated on the Biotic Amplifier I and V in the list of melee weapons? As seen at 2:23. botic dick-punch ftw!

Sillri Ventures says:

I don’t doubt that this will BE AWESOME GAME … but ALWAYS NEVER PRE-ORDER !!! … I am Hyped AS FUCK but NO, I will NOT pre-order …
Always remember that Gods in Bioware have sold themselves to the American Devil EA = IT WILL be rushed, cutted for DLCs and even optimalization could be terrible … JUST WAIT FOR THE REVIEWS !!! TB, AngryJoe, JimStirling etc … forget about sold outs like IGN and 99% of game magazines …
Because when you will pay the company for the unreleased product with no evidence of it’s quality … well then WHY would that Company care about the quality when everything they need to do is make HUGE HYPE before release … and then just throw it away … it’s not passion for games that drives them … it’s MONEY because they ARE COMPANY ! … every company needs to make money ….
Read something about EA and you will find out that the founders have seen the future of games to rise … and they wanted profit from it … now, 3 decades later – they are FUCKING HATED GIANT THAT RUINED MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY Franchises …

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