War Robots Special Combat & Tactics Episode #1 – WR Gameplay

Special War Robots Gameplay Episode with the Focus on Combat & Tactics Explained – WR

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Let's Talk About says:

this is what we actually need manni most of the viewers are below gold level, and we all need guidance for upper levels,

JosiahB235 says:

I don’t understand how people only get 300k in champions I’m in gold and I average 600k and I haven’t spent any money on the game( so it’s not like I have really good stuff)

Sam Bass says:

Even some of us gold lvl players do watch this… And learn so much… I have over 3200 wins… And still feel like I’m in need of more tactics lessons. I find as you progress thru the levels, the style of play changes.. What I used to win with in lower levels doesn’t work at higher levels… In a squad of top levels players, I was shocked to see that everyone was corner shooting right off the start… It was strange to see such powerful players all hiding and corner shooting… And very quiet… Since nobody was using all their weapons… SWOOP… Thx Manni….

sri hari says:

That’s one of the best videos of you i have ever seen.. I mean i it when you are explaining every ideas

Benson Fong says:

Sohn want to be friends with ya


epic mouth

Henry Aarvold says:

Lovin the tactical review and tips concept – more please!

David Demars says:

Love the info/ thought process in this vid! Helps me out allot

War Robots Gaming Clan Rude says:

Manni great vid as always

Jet Sitter says:


Ayaz Khalilov says:

Hello Manni, we all definitely need this kind of content.

Enzo Tous says:

I love your videos and I think you should buy a fury with 3 trebuchet because I love sniping even though I don’t have any trebuchets

Jet Sitter says:

Try shotgun lance

Alfred Minio says:

Definitely enjoyed the breakdown of the thought process. I think it was alot more informative then “Hey we’re going over here with this bot and these weapons and we’re gonna shoot at that guy and jump or dash away at some point”

authen life says:

Do you think Hydra Griffen is a good build

dlcarburetor says:

Great video Manni. Keep them coming!

Lunaric18 Hawkswood says:

I hate at my level and rank that everyone tanks and everyone plays a hydras it is a pain for my close range hanger

pauldwalker says:

It’s interesting to hear your thoughts behind your actions.

Harry wall says:

Manni do Lancelot with shocktrains and trebuchet

Harry wall says:

I love your vids manni

snake eye says:

Is Gekkos good ?
Please anwser.
Everybody can anwser. ;))

Phillip Dennick says:

Very good videos, love the advice in this one. It would be grate if you did do this as a series. Also a video on weapon comparisons would be grate man if you can, type, dps, dpm, special considerations (like the zuse lock on thing in this one).

Robin Woodhouse says:

Hi Manni I really love you videos. This video is exactly the sort of thing I like about watching you. I have been playing for about 2/3 months and could do with all the help I can get.
much love Woods fan of the good mood.
ps I also loved your starter guides

VivaLaResistance says:

The largest effect hydras have in my opinion is the emotions that they bring out! I know that I start making some terrible moves when they start flying at me.
BTW… hydras can do wicked curves around very large obstacles by using the lock on and aiming out. Same with Aphids.

dev winston says:

Hi Manni, today I was using a Hover and I tried putting 2 storms and a Gust it works pretty well in the right circumstances you should try it out!

Steffen Schuy says:

Plz, more of the tactics lessons. Awesome job!

Matúš says:

Targetting on Zeus is completely broken. Try it without locking a target, it jumps when you fire and jumps again mid-firing. So annoying.

TheMostDurable Ye says:

K.. cool…..

lulu yt 7 says:

Play with leo

Save underrated Narkarkos!!! says:

manni play with hydras more often in order to understand how to shoot hydra around the map,trebs is the next thing i am mastering before tridents

Jo Blo says:


Sam Bass says:

Manni… Your doing great… Thank you so much… Could you do a video on how to jump or climb to higher ground on the different maps… Like… Jumping on hard to reach buildings and which rocks, structures etc. that a Fujin or Raijin can climb up on… I wish the spiders were more like real spiders and could climb anything… But it takes from the game if your wasting time trying to find a way up on a structure that you’ve seen spiders sitting on top, and winning, in the past, but can’t figure out how they got there… Or the griffins on top of buildings( yes.. I’m a big griffin fan/user) Thanks again, your great…

Jesus Jesus says:

Hey mani how do i get another orkan because i need one for my griffin

Ahillbillyredneck says:

I really grow tired of listening to the negative talk about the Haeshi….especially considering  how wrong you are about it. Simply put if you played in higher tier more often you would see that the haeshi is weaker than the bulgasari. Players are not using the haeshi because of this as well. It really makes your channel feel as if you are just dumping on the game. You have a great personality and shouldn’t let your hate spill over because of the players who are simply upset that they don’t have the robots. If you have the counters in your hanger it will simply do that.

deco twins says:

Are you ready for this week’s test servers

ratsensei supreme says:

What’s a good hover build without orkans?

Nicolas Cua says:

What rank is GMG?

Stephen Mok says:

Hello manni!!!I am a loyal fan of you(and war robots),and I have a suggestion for a new series-Fan Friday,where you play fan-made hangars on Friday:-)If you decide to start this series,I have 2 hangars to help you get started:
Knights of Camelot:
1)RDB Gareth with Pin and Tulumbas
2)Gareth with Magnum and Taran
3)death-button Galahad with 2 Pinatas and an Orkan
4)Galahad with Storm and 2 Aphids(I remember you saying that this is fun in a video,but which one is it?)
5)Lancelot with Tempest and 2 Molot Ts
Wild West:
1)Jesse with 4 Aphids
2)Your Scorpion Doc! 🙂
3)Butch with 2 Anciles and 2 Thunders(I like to call it the death-button killer)
4)Butch with 4 Trebuchets
5)Doc with 2 Orkans and 2 Tarans
Anyways hope this can help you out!Bye Manni

DH Jospehs says:

Manni – this is without a doubt one of the best instructional discussion videos I’ve seen. I am sure that if you were to do a series with some of the tactics and analysis for each of the “normal” bot builds I know that I’d sure appreciate them…. excellent buddy, keep them coming

AnyBew GT says:

I just got the Griffin aphid Orlando and didn’t know how to use it but this video taught me a lot:D

Gene says:

Hi manni did u know that when you shield up on a fujin it stops plasma fire so you should spam the button to protect your fujin

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