War Robots Ep#2: Special Combat & Tactics – WR Gameplay

War Robots Special COmbat & Tactics Gameplay Episode #2 – WR. In these episodes, I am trying to focus a little more on my thoughts and strategy while playing at the same time.

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Chase Anthony says:

Yea it really sucks

Jesse King says:

Love when you do these gets my mind right to start kissing ass

Adi P says:

After you will get a Kumiho from the supply drops, will you play it on your own account?

AIDRIAN 4.0.7. says:


gamerTV JCR says:

Nice video

RED does it all says:

Who else agrees the orkan type weapons just need to go? You can’t use anything else anymore and compete with them, I love bullet weapons but they suck compared to the op orkan weapons.

Tarique Jabed Ali says:

Hey Manni. Do you think that the matchmaking should be done on the basis of what level of bots we have and not on the position in the league? Please think about it….

Lach-dich-tot-Kanal says:

Please watch my got your back chalenge. I like your chalenge so much

Adrian Cavanaugh says:

What if there was a light Zeus? (1000 damage level 1 and 15000 danage max MK2)

MatthewFTW says:


Alex Luis says:

Manni make a video with a fury with MK 2 tridents.

Carlos Santos says:

HAECHI is the raptor of robots
SPECTRE is the T-rex

pedro eduardo says:

Algum br?

Edward Gao says:

Haven’t gotten the update yet?

Manni-Gaming says:

As you guys wished – another episode of that “Special Combat & Tactics” video series where I try to focus a little bit more on what my plan and thought process during battle is.

Life of entertainment gaming says:

is carnage in gold league good manni?

Allison Gaming says:

Manni, why hasn’t the prizes come to us yet..? I thought we will receive it within 3-5 days..? Please respond..

adam garcia says:

Manni in war robots I requested to your clan can I join

謝勗威 says:

How to join the test sever

TheCrazyGamer says:

Please I watch every video I make everyday. I just want that flying robot. I did the challenge!

Batman rocks says:

Just you wait manni. They’re gonna make a heavy orkan now

hello sir says:

That was a bulgasari not a kumiho lol

Dipanjan Datta says:

Hey Manni can you please post a video about using vortex aphid hover? It will help me a lot.

Gustavo Lopez says:

Manni what should i do with 4 storms?

Brandon Correa says:

Do butchdeemer

Mutaz AB says:

Your the BEST war robots player manni! I love your videos and keep in touch with more videos pls!

Terrance Adrian says:

That first game you had a crap team. The enemy had four beacons almost straight away and nobody pushed for a beacon until it was way too late.

Akash Chowdhury says:

Manni can u make a video showing hack for gold plzzz and ur videos are good

Luke Anderson says:

My favorite bot to stay alive in is a Patton with 4 pins. It’s fun and really annoying, if not very high in damage.

Robman1286 says:

Manni another great video and I have used your and Adrian s tactics to help me achieve 1 mil average damage with 7 bots killed per match ……. On another note Punisher Hover… DO ETTTTTT it’s so amazing

*Evil Morty* says:

I think orkans and shocktrains need a nerf and the carnage needs an hp or ancile shield buff

Chase Anthony says:

Hey manni I feel you its hard to be able to get a good match in with my Gareth ore my galehead

hasibul hasan badhon says:

the sound was very low

Phönix LP says:

bitte mach ein Gameplay mit Gl. Patton Mk2 Lv 12 und 4 Aphids Mk2 Lv 12. wäre echt mega nicee

TritonGaming 118 says:

Manni I made a WR got your back vid it’s bad quality and I has no subs but I would appreciate if you checked it out and I maybe got the robot I wanted

HyperViper says:

Is possible to go high without spending money ?

Ved Pal Sheera says:

Manni can i join your clan (the one with your id) am in expert league 3 and have 5 lvl 10 tarans and 3 lvl10 orkans and 2 lvl 9 zues

Kirby-Ann Konotopsky says:

You are about the same as me

Jc Dias says:

Lol, is good to see I am not the only one that has those kind of battles like the one in the beginning.

Plamen Angelov says:

Tactic??? Realy? There is just one tactic in this game => fat bank account.

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