War Robots 4.0 Mender Mk2 Combat Capabilities & Self Heal Gameplay WR

War Robots Gameplay of the new WR 4.0 Healing Robot Mender at Mk2 Maxed Level testing Combat Capabilities & Self Heal of it. After lots of testing I believe the best way to play this bot if you’re on your own is to start the healing ability right when you take the first damage from your opponent. That will give you 3-5 seconds of 50% damage resistance, more speed to outrun him and you will counter-heal incoming damage right away. But that’s only if you play it for yourself. In a team – the gameplay changes. That will be in another video.

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Hanz Mangonon says:


Xu Nie says:

why is your joy stick allways moving 45 degree ?

BarraBros Fishing says:


Shawn Hemminger says:

Video makes sparks my interest in meander, but I wonder what lvl opponents are

lou ki says:

That bug happens to me as well :c

Won Oscar says:

did they add reload button?

Fury Hellhasno says:

Wow, even more bugs, huh… that’s what you get for rushing those updates and new content Pixonic… let’s see, we have:
– Ancile bug (taking damage although there some ancile shield left, around for months)
– Taran, Redeemer/energy bug (been around for months)
– Shocktrain bug (chaining through walls since update 3.9)
– Scourge bug (damage doesn’t register, new as shown by Manni)
– Screwed up targeting (around for months)
– selecting a beacon to respawn that is about to be taken (beacon bomb) is nearly impossible, it can’t be selected easily most of the time (issue present for months)
– Laaaaaag (a permanent issue)
– being in stealth doesn’t mean you are instealth, you can still be hit although you are almost on the peak of your jump (lag and 1s server confirmation for stealth are the reasons for that)

So what else do we have… I am sure I forgot something…
Sadly they don’t seem to make any efforts on resolving those issues because…well you know… fixing bugs is not generating revenue, or is it…

Matthew Meditz says:

The game is worthless to play right now.

Normy Haddad says:

Woah! Manni finally pressed the R button!

lord of death says:

Some Android guys got reload button

Joker J says:

I got the bug beforeI fire full clip orkan it does do any damage atleast a litter bit or maybe it was a hacker

Young Rich Gun says:

Y can u see ur teamates health but I can’t plz help me

Integeritis says:

Instead of fixing the taran bug, they inroduced it to every weapon. That balancing skills.

Arman Musayelyan says:

Is this game better than battle of titans?

Xu Nie says:

can you please move your head thingy under the controller im trying to see how your pressing them and is a reloading button coming out ?

sudha pandey says:

Hay manni can u tell in which website or app u use to play war robots and puny mobile can u give me their URL

Danny Xie says:

Carnage with tempest and avenger!

Hussein Kadir says:

Is there going to be a give away for the mender and wayland

DarkWølf WR says:

Himera is too powerful

dispute one says:

Nearly at 100k subs Manni, congratulations you deserve it.

Derrick Nasis says:

Wow I like the damage of Avenger

ineed healing says:

Pity that all the items in the updates are all part needy

john hill says:

This update is terrible, they made the damage bar look terrible, they made a plaza bug for scourge and added a heavy spiral

Krabs The Derpy Pirate says:

i wish i had the mender

Warrior Hasan says:

you are awesome

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