VIVE/VR MilSim ► Combat Marksman Scenario (Onward Gameplay)

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Thanks so much for watching everyone, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


Ismaile Yousufi says:

This game would be amazing with various maps, weather conditions and times of day. I think you should add infrared and ir!

MrKylecardinal says:

This game looks amazing

Big$MoneyBoss says:

Dang I have VR headsets but not support for the game it only supports htc

deepelements says:

Just ordered my vive today, I’m so excited!

ElitePanCake 645 says:

Your aim is ass bro.

HardCharger says:

Nice man. This game needs a real like rifle as a controller so you can get in one of the three firing positions and actually be able to steady your shots. Looks so fun


what do I need to play this?

Gates000000000000000 says:

thumbnail was not accurate. click bait without boobs. dirty trick drake.

Kugluck says:

Need an binoculars for observer

Nick Schlabaugh says:

Completely exposing yourself to get a shot on the hostile when he started running to the other team members last location was extremely careless. Just saying lol.

any dozin says:

scope not useful in this game


That was awesome! When I get this game, I hope to find teammates like you guys.

Joshua m says:

Would love to see some 1440p video. 1080 is washed out.

MattMoultonMusic says:

The effect of the hot gas coming out of the muzzle and distorting your view is so freaking cool

Damion Nguyen says:

I Wish Virtual Reality Machines Get Even Better Quick! I Need To See Some 4k Pixels When I Put It One. One Day.

Tobias Rothfuchs says:

So i’m interested in testing the game.
Says early access on steam but no where i can click buy/join early acces.
not yet open for early access or am i missing something?

Vivid Kothari says:

This…this is what I like. Awesome gameplay! Can’t even imagine how it feels inside a headset.

Sebastian Acuña says:

OMG, i need a better computer… and HTC… and Onward. This is so awesome

F. Garay says:

mate, imagine if a AAA company picked this idea and did a new VR FPS with a campaing. Having a campaign would fix all the movimentation issues, since you would be solo. This is what Call of Duty or Battlefield should be. I still hope someday they do it, based on a real war, since we are all tired of all these fictionary wars. We want real wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, WW2, Korea.

Die Würst says:

omg record your right eye noob.

cliptomatic 2025 says:

wtf ia with the lag

Ming Pengu says:

god he’s terrible at sniping

NewsRedial says:

Would like to see an external shot of you playing so I can see what your body movements are. Maybe in an insert box.

Eduardo Gomes says:


DrLeavingsoon says:

As an ex-soldier this is triggering me so hard, but it’s making me want to slap the players too!!!

Jonathon Miller says:

the only thing that sucks is it is hard to align your 2 hands for a rifle. in real life you have a rifle which is alot easier to aim because you can put your hands on the same object and stabilize it. with the vr controllers you have to different things trying to hold an imaginary weapon. this game looks awesome though. wish I had a vr setup!

Ming Pengu says:

probably the most exercise bluedrakes ever got

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